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Flux : Film Reviews
  Spike Lee doesn’t mince words in “BlacKkKlansman.” He ignites them, and illustrates them with inflammatory images. This is a freewheeling account of...
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Spike Lee: "BlacKkKlansman’’

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Flux : The Treatment
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BlacKkKlansman tells the story Ron Stallworth — a black police detective who infiltrated the local chapter...
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Jesse talks with John David Washington, star of the critically acclaimed film BlacKkKlansman, directed by Spike Lee. Before John David Washington was an actor, he was lacing up...
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Flux : The Business
...never been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture or Best Director. This year, however, ‘BlacKkKlansman’ has him looking like a contender. The film is based on the true  story of...
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Flux : Encore!
Two well-established directors premiered their latest films at Cannes this Tuesday. Spike Lee's "Blackkklansman" is based on the true story of a black police officer in Colorado Springs who...
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Flux : Encore!
...dark history of white supremacy for his latest film, a 1970s cop comedy; the result, “BlacKkKlansman”, won him the Grand Prix at the Cannes film festival this year. Film critic Lisa...
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...her and talking about some of  her past controversies. James saw Spike Lee's newest film Blackkklansman and give a spoiler free review. In Nnekay's korner- she's got a booklist for you!...
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Flux : Bigmouth
...and doyenne of the TV reviews JULIA RAESIDE of The Guardian. Plus: Is Spike Lee’s BlacKKKlansman really the most important movie of the year? And why you really ought to be...
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Flux : Maximum Film!
...returning guest Brandon Johnson (Rick and Morty, Animals). They're on to discuss the brand new film, BlacKkKlansman. Brandon, once again, tries to hock bootleg merchandise. Baron earns his anointed title of "The...
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Flux : Bigmouth
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OV246 – Movie Theater Potpourri – BlacKkKlansman, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Eighth Grade, Sorry to Bother You, Incredibles 2, and Isle of Dogs (Guest: Kyrsten Lyster)

OV246 – Movie Theater Potpourri – BlacKkKlansman, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Eighth Grade, Sorry to Bother You, Incredibles 2, and Isle of Dogs (Guest: Kyrsten Lyster)
...Bother You - 32:56 An Obsessive Viewer Podcast Milestone! - 39:14 Eighth Grade - 41:20 BlacKkKlansman - 01:03:31 Movies Coming Soon - 1:17:16 Closing the Ep – 1:29:07  Spoiler Discussions - 1:30:35...
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Topher Grace

Pete Holmes
Topher Grace (That 70's Show! BlackKklansman! New podcast Minor Adventures!) makes it weird!
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Flux : Encore!
...course in some of their signature dance moves. We check out Spike Lee’s latest film “BlacKkKlansman”, which recounts the story of a black man who infiltrated the most notorious white supremacist...
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