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Your personal brand is probably not what you think it is. There\'s a difference between personal brand and...
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Russell Brand

Chris Hardwick
Russell Brand (comedian, actor) talks with Chris about being sober for so many years, getting married and...
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Russell Brand

Pete Holmes
Russell Brand (comedy! Forgetting Sarah Marshall! Brand X!) makes it weird!
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Sawbones: Doctor Brands

sawbones@maximumfun.org (Justin & Dr. Sydnee McElroy)
A lot of brands name themselves "doctor" – but how many of them are named after actual medical doctors?...
Medium e75720a97f6d78577b8b1a51753e5d970babb0c2
Osterlind talks about the best brands in the United States. McDoanld's App gets fried after an Egg McMuffin promotion  Woman claims...
Medium 26498d8a7c2a0ec3efd4153177bfcd50ad145915
Our guest is Larry Norfleet. He and his is band, Branded Bluegrass, received nine nominations at the SPBGMA awards ceremony this past February in Nashville, TN,...
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What is Your Branding Archetype with Diane Diaz of The Brand Teacher

Katie Krimitsos: Mastermind Leader | Coach & Business Growth Strategist | Live Event Producer | Community Leader | Mompreneur
What is a Branding Archetype and why is knowing yours such a phenomenal, practical tool to help you in...
Medium 17cee0374202729cea54c110403bdceb9575bfc9
Chris Dessi, MS., Founder & CEO of Silverback Social, is a TEDx speaker, personal branding expert, author and keynote speaker. His latest book is titled Remarkable You: Build a Personal Brand,...
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Brand New Science Vs!

Spotify Studios
Flux : Science Vs
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Our Brand Is Crisis

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Joe Morgenstern)
Our Brand Is Crisis is meant to be a fictional version of Rachel Boynton's 2005 documentary of...
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Show 63 - Drink Brands

mrugel@purplebeech.com (Mike Rugel)
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A Brand of Justice

Radio Nostalgia Network LLC
A Brand of Justice  http://oldtimeradiodvd.com
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...creating opportunities for yourself   In this episode, we tackle the common misconception that personal branding is solely for influencers, revealing how it's actually about creating the right visibility and opportunities...
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Branded A Coward 1935

Radio Memories Network LLC
Branded A Coward 1935 A lawman who survived a wagon train massacre as a child trails...
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