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Premature Burial!

Bunker Buddies
...lay back and get comfy cause you might be here for awhile! For centuries, premature burial was not only a real concern, it was a common occurrence! Now a days, its...
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Deviant Burials

The Tipsy Archives
Rachel and Laura discuss the focus of Laura's PHD research, Anglo-Saxon cemeteries and deviant burials. They dig into engendered burials, death rites in various cultures, excavations, vikings and vampires and...
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The Future of Burial

iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks
Flux : Fw:Thinking
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Flux : Do Go On
...lately. He's done some research about the various ways you can dispose of your body. Burial, cremation, being shot into space, being PACKED full of cotton. WARNING: Some of the content...
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CBS Radio Mystery Theater Premature Burial 1-6-75 htp://oldtimeradiodvd.com 769
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”Ancient Hobo Burial Ground” - Ep. 213

Shabby Road Record Show Podcast
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Flux : Planet Money
...Full playlist for this episode: 1. Lisa LeBlanc: "5748 km," 2. Björk: "The Gate," 3. Burial: "Rodent," 4. Neil Young: "Powderfinger," 5. Kelela: "Frontline," 6. Brand New: "Can't Get It Out"
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...Zelda is the GOAT, as our Chilling Adventures of Sabrina podcast recaps “Chapter Eight: The Burial” The post Chilling Podcast Of Sabrina: “Chapter Eight: The Burial” appeared first on Comic Book...
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...terrible sunken city of Rapture. This week in the EXP Podcast, Scott and I delve into Burial at Sea, the final story-driven DLC for Bioshock Infinite. Does it wrap up the series with...
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Flux : Bigmouth
...History of Sound System Culture. Pre-order it here and get free badges! Plus… CEMETARY GREATS: Mysterious dubstep person Burial compiles all his free-range experimental EPs under the name ‘Tunes 2011-2019’. How does this enhance our...
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023 – A Nice Place to Visit (The Twilight Zone S01E28) + Premature Burial (1962)

Anthology - The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Science Fiction Theatre, and Classic Sci-Fi Podcast
...A Nice Place to Visit. He concludes the episode with a bonus review of Premature Burial, Roger Corman’s 1962 Edgar Allan Poe adaptation written by Charles Beaumont. Tweet your thoughts on...
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