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...from Sea Changes The Fallen by Djilia Phralengo from … Continue reading "Instrumental and A Capella (264G)"
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"Pyramid Scheme" ft. Kay Cannon

Exactly Right Media – the original true crime comedy network
Flux : Lady to Lady
Kay Cannon (writer of Pitch Perfect) joins the ladies to discuss a capella, hot air balloons, The Bachelorette, Britney and Kevin, theater, nemeses, Babs' family and more! Get...
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...the following categories: Best Contemporary Instrumental Album Best Instrumental Composition Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella Best Arrangement, Instrument and Vocals Best New Artist Stay connected with us at http://www.Facebook.com/CoolJazzCountdown and...
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...joins to help Miel and Demi figure it out and leaves with a new a capella improv duo. This episode is brought to you by Quip! http://getquip.com/jam UNPUNCHABLE JAMS: "Angel" by...
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...In A Hole In The Ground Nondor Nevai - "Breach Of Contract" - The A Capella Cantata Abruptum - "Feci Factum Sanguine Gladios Made-Fieri Factus" - The Satanist Tunes [R.I.P. IT]...
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...Wonderland, Giovannie and the Hired Guns, The Weeknd, FKA Twigs, Trapt, Coi Leray, Grin Cynic, Capella Grey, Popcaan & Chris Brown. Remixes from Funkymix, DJ Nasa, and DJ Bizzon, www.whatshotitc.com www.pandamembers.org...
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This week's Zero Blog Thirty intro is given you to by some dandy a capella singers from the United States Air Force. Then they go over the recent comments from...
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...the October Revolution. It was first performed by the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra and the Academy Capella Choir under Nikolai Malko, on 5 November 1927. After the premiere, Shostakovich made some revisions...
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...(1997) Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Hold On / Leave It (A Capella Version) (1980) Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times (1969) Robert Plant and Alison Krauss...
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...Turning Back Time (2021) Styx - Our Wonderful Lives (2021) Yes - Leave It (A Capella Version) (1983) West Coast All Stars - Sir Duke (1998) Timothy B. Schmit - Voices...
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...in here www.patreon.com/JoeBudden   Sleeper Picks:  Joe | Amaria - “Secrets” Ice | Red Cafe, Fabolous, Capella Grey - “Don’t Vibe and Tell” Parks | Domo Genesis & The Alchemist (feat. Smoke...
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...The Northman each capture aspects of the mythology in their own ways. Ada Palmer's a capella album is Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarök by Sassafrass. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...
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Kay Cannon

Forever Dog
...writer of Pitch Perfect and its sequel talks about her compulsion to write an a capella movie, her six years on 30 Rock, training at various Chicago improv studios, and lots...
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Episode 242: 18242 Made for Opera

Classical Music Discoveries
...Violetta, Donizetti’s Lucia, and Gounod’s Juliette. Recorded with the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai and Capella Cracoviensis under Riccardo Frizza, the album not only reflects Nadine Sierra’s command of bel canto...
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Take Two #4: Jay-Z's "The Black Album" (2003)

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
Flux : Heat Rocks
...(Remix) What More Can I Say Jay-Z: Pump It Up Freestyle Public Service Announcement A Capella Here is the Spotify playlist of as many songs as we can find on there....
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