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Chanting for Enlightenment
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EXP Podcast #717: Chants of Sennaar, Cocoon, and more!

Jorge Albor, Scott Juster, Experience Points
...about a game all about language and a game completely devoid of the written word!  Chants of Sennaar and Cocoon are in the rotation this week and both games have impressed...
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Episode 416: PAX Aus 2023, Chants of Sennaar Review

Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox
...3 Beta and Forza Motorsport, and Adam's played and loved the language translation adventure game Chants of Sennaar. Speaking of language, I've been avoiding admitting it, but I think it's time:...
Medium d44598182a3ec94c7515f4c7991713213be52534
...religion, The Aetherius Society. Join them as they climb a holy mountain and attempt to chant away climate change and war. Plus, an update on what the Aetherians thought of part...
Medium a8bb077e5c273eb7cf219085366f6614c2818783
...makes his debut recording with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra with the first-ever recording of Stravinsky’s ‘Chant Funèbre’ (Funeral Song), a piece everyone believed lost forever. Purchase the music (without talk) for...
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Medium 9482ea587bd1b112d3bd3227dbb18da40c7ba79d
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...Music for Buddha Mindfulness Meditation, Enlightment, Nirvana, Peace of Mind With Nature Sounds Tibetan Monks Chanting Om Mantra Om Mantra Meditation with Tibetan Monks Om Mantra Meditation: Chanting Monks, Tibetan Singing...
Medium 575e7cedd5613bda23a647d7d9f1e2b78053324a
...on a tropical beach and hearing warm music....or unless your already there. Intro: Hawaiian War Chant-Jack Le Delle 1. Mother Of The sea-Darren Benitez 2. Paka Lana-The Lim Family 3. Kawaipunahele-Keali...
Medium 9240305b95ff95e28ce9069884b512241f301383
...Les Baxter Honolulu Baby - Ty Parvis Mauna Kea Breeze - Hawaiian Spotlighters Hawaiian War Chant - Ella Fitzgerald Hawaiian War Chant - Twist - Elgart Hawaiian War Chant - Ray...
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