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A talk about what it is like going to concerts now that we have been touring for over a decade!!!
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Guitar Speak Podcast
Print Concert Reviews Joe Satriani - Canberra Playhouse Theatre, November 30th 2018 All You Need Is Love...
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219 – In Concert

The Listening Party Podcast
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Johnstown Concert Series

Voice of the Arts
The Johnstown Concert Series provides high quality chamber music performances of all styles to the Johnstown community. Jim...
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PNME Concert 04

Voice of the Arts
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PNME Concert 03

Voice of the Arts
Executive Artistic Director and conductor Kevin Noe talks about the July 23rd & 24th concerts built around György Ligeti's 11-movement Musica Ricercata. Interspersed will be works by David Stock, David...
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CMU's "Collage" Concert

Voice of the Arts
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Sunday March 31 at 2pm in the Kresge Theater at Carnegie Mellon University the Pittsburgh Concert Society Young Audition Winners will perform. The musicians visited WQED-FM with the Vivo Quartet, Enoch...
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Daniel Roberts Concert

Classical Music Discoveries
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116 Concert recaps

Axeology Guitar Radio
  This week we talk about some of the concerts we recently attended. Bryce saw Atilla and Andy saw Anvil. We talk in metal minute...
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Carnac Celtic Concert #162

Marc Gunn, Carnac, Brittany
Join my Celtic Invasion of Brittany as I share a live concert from our cottage in Carnac, France. Learn about my next Coffee With The Celtfather and...
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Robert Page conducts the Carnegie Mellon Concert Choir, Repertory Chorus and Philharmonic live on QED 89.3 at noon, Friday, December 3, repeating...
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...13 7pm at the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The concert marks the centennial of the death of Debussy and explores a wide range of moods....
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