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Let’s close out the year by reminiscing. We count down my favorite concerts of 2022 and revel in some of the year’s top touring acts. But I’ve also...
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First Concert

Pat Francis
Flux : Rock Solid
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Rock Concerts

shmannerscast@gmail.com (Travis & Teresa McElroy)
Flux : Shmanners
Hello Internet! This week’s episode is all about the history of ROCK CONCERTS and how to act properly while you're rocking out! Enjoy and be sure to share...
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Daniel Roberts Concert

Classical Music Discoveries
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116 Concert recaps

Axeology Guitar Radio
  This week we talk about some of the concerts we recently attended. Bryce saw Atilla and Andy saw Anvil. We talk in metal minute...
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A talk about what it is like going to concerts now that we have been touring for over a decade!!!
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219 – In Concert

The Listening Party Podcast
Flux : Titre inconnu
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PNME Concert 04

Voice of the Arts
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PNME Concert 03

Voice of the Arts
Executive Artistic Director and conductor Kevin Noe talks about the July 23rd & 24th concerts built around György Ligeti's 11-movement Musica Ricercata. Interspersed will be works by David Stock, David...
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CMU's "Collage" Concert

Voice of the Arts
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Johnstown Concert Series

Voice of the Arts
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Guitar Speak Podcast
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It's been more than a year since live concerts were a safe way to experience music. We miss the roar of a blissed-out crowd...
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