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shmannerscast@gmail.com (Travis McElroy)
Flux : Shmanners
...How's it going? What's up? What's shakin'? This week, we are discussing the art of CONVERSATION! Understandably, for many this is the hardest manners challenge there is! How do you start...
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shmannerscast@gmail.com (Travis McElroy)
Flux : Shmanners
...to interrupt, but we thought you might like to find out a little bit about conversational etiquette! The world of small talk can be a terrifying and dangerous place! How do...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
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Conversation Hearts

23 Minutes of Ska
Flux : 23min of Ska
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...the Bible and personal experiences makes the process better, easier, and more fun. Big Sister Conversations is a bi-weekly podcast designed for girls. Join Eniola Adeeko every other Friday in conversations...
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True Crime Conversations explores the world's most notorious crimes by speaking to the people who know the most...
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#155: Reclaiming Conversation

contact@artofmanliness.com (The Art of Manliness)
...greatly improved efficiency, there are some drawbacks that have come with the decline in face-to-face conversation. My guest today, Sherry Turkle, has written a book (Reclaiming Conversation) about what we're missing...
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In Conversation With

austin@irishradio.ca (Irish Radio Canada)
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In Conversation with -

austin@irishradio.ca (Irish Radio Canada)
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Bird Bath Conversation

T.J. Miller, Cash Levy, Myles Lasco
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Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
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Anne Metzger Conversation

Voice of the Arts
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...book Normal People was adapted into a Hulu series in 2020. Now, her first novel Conversations with Friends gets its own Hulu adaptation. It tells the story of two college friends...
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...4. The guitar community seems very oriented around Blues and Metal. Why not country? 5. Conversation piece This week's song was sent by Bobby Scott and is called "From Ambient ot...
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Conversations around pain

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Michael Wilkes)
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