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David Crosby

Jesse Thorn
Bullseye takes a look back at our conversation with folk rock legend David Crosby. His work paved the way for the folk rock movement. He was a founding member...
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Bob Crosby

Rich Sylvester
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Music legend David Crosby passed away last month after a long illness. He was 81. Crosby's work paved the...
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Eric Crosby - CMOA

wqedpittsburgh@gmail.com (WQED Multimedia)
Eric Crosby, the Henry J. Heinz II Director of Carnegie Museum of Art, stopped by WQED-FM to...
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Footnotes: Charlotte Crosby

My Dad Wrote A Porno
Entrepreneur and reality star Charlotte Crosby is a real-life Belinda. She drops by to share some hilarious stories as well as...
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David Crosby readily admits that he probably shouldn't be alive. Drug addiction, alcoholism, and health issues have...
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David Crosby, Becca Stevens, Michelle Willis and Michael League are The Lighthouse Band, and together they harmonized...
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David Crosby, Becca Stevens, Michelle Willis and Michael League are The Lighthouse Band, and together they harmonized...
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Bob Crosby is best remembered for the Dixieland band that bore his name during the 1930s and...
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...gritty and wild Dog Eat Dog. Then, Jesse talks with the legendary singer songwriter David Crosby, of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash. He'll talk about dating Joni Mitchell and...
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On today's Fretboard Journal Podcast, we pay tribute to David Crosby.  Croz was a dear friend to the Fretboard Journal magazine and all that we do....
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...and informative lectures but one clear highlight was this session featuring Joe Henry and David Crosby discussing the art of record production. This candid, hour-long conversation started with Henry asking Crosby...
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