Medium 87824c9003dafaa6d19d24ca8eeab1a595b5deb7
...to find out more about  Pickup Elle's “NSFW Totally Naughty Coloring Book” and “The #NSFW Totally Curvy Coloring Book” at SheVibe.com. Pickup her popular book, “Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to...
Medium f12001d2999d6fc5cf098217b2d87cc803a38866

The Pool and the Stream

roman@99pi.org (Roman Mars)
Flux : 99% Invisible
This is the story of a curvy, kidney-shaped swimming pool born in Northern Europe that had a huge ripple effect on popular...
Medium 3db979b1d305e6f7af457504c2a82c477774e940

The Pool and the Stream Redux

roman@99pi.org (Roman Mars)
Flux : 99% Invisible
This is the newly updated story of a curvy, kidney-shaped swimming pool born in Northern Europe that had a huge ripple effect on popular...
Medium 070546ac5c5cd331cb5efb9fd8be16390989c36c
...stops for some real talk about jerking off and her honest review of the Satisfyer Curvy. This episode is brought to you by Satisfyer in honor of Masturbation May!
Medium cec44ce3357af531cbc8a6039cbf39c31869b493
...that movie made and its surprising legacy. But the rest of Tony’s career and the curvy path his life took to get there are equally fascinating. Tony tells Marc about his...
Medium a474c7dc162b91d0009095b58550233334b22815
...best music of his career. I will sit with John Lee and talk about the curvy road he has been on and we will listen to music from All Hooked Up....
Medium 8d6e5533e7efa3c0e7edad16862fa371c40552cf
Flux : Moterrific
...Boots - Revzilla Babes Ride Out 7 - Santa Margarita Riding Jean Recommendations for the Curvy and Gifted in Inseam - Revzilla Julia LaPalme - Instagram Hinterland: Women’s Casual Apparel -...
Medium f8c4f5b8c53842e31bdedb2f577d7220cd9e4413
...& Free Queen Anne's Lace, "The Chandler's Wife" from Faire...to Stormy Weather The Jolly Rogers, "Curvy Girls" from Cutlass, Cannon and Curves  
Medium b573e6f63530936121ca71f15f17fb7a70c44896
...called one of the best surf artists of our generation. Using bright colors, and organic, curvy shapes, his work gives you the feeling of being near the water, and exudes a...
Medium 41cb02eef9f834ac59d0d6b629fd15c99d2b9194

Ep 357 - Angry Robots and Queerd Fiction - the Hottest Books for Summer!

shows@maximumfun.org (Mallory O'Meara, Brea Grant)
...friends to lover, holiday celebration Birding with Benefits by Sarah T. Dubb Romance, bird book Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen Romance, fat protagonist, funny How to Age Disgracefully by Claire...
Medium 0763ef4739b467fc76a1bb974f3bbb63670fb4f4

Highland Life #467

Marc Gunn, Plaid Menagerie, Tami Curtis, The Ugly Mugs, IIsabeau Corriveau, Barleyjuice
Medium 0763ef4739b467fc76a1bb974f3bbb63670fb4f4

Ned of the Hill #387

Marc Gunn, Ballinloch, Syncopaths, Dram & Go, Tami Curtis, The Whiskey Boys, Van Morrison
Medium 0763ef4739b467fc76a1bb974f3bbb63670fb4f4

Thanksgiving Castle #385

Marc Gunn, Enda Seery, Talisk, Ed Miller, Perkelt, Laura Cortese, Catherine Koehler, Syncopaths, Rambling Sailors, Tami Curtis
Medium fbbadfd7dc11c1a7765e16e8965b915e0c364e49
Medium de6f34e446294062ef9a2e08b064608fb24cc5aa
Flux : Oliver Curtis
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