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The first time I heard it, Irene Diaz's voice stopped me cold: Her sheer power belies her compact stature, and her musical impact...
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Vico Diaz: ‘Sapo’

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...recently highlighted emerging artists from the Gulf state of Veracruz, which included music from Vico Diaz, a master of the leona, the guitar-shaped, four-stringed fretted instrument that acts like a bass,...
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Junot Diaz: Islandborn

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Flux : Bookworm
Devastatingly beautiful, soulful, a fulfillment of a promise to his goddaughter, Junot Diaz’s Islandborn offers a new map into children’s books. In class, Lola is asked to draw...
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Madi Diaz: ‘Love Looks Different’

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Madi Diaz creates an emotive exploration of heartache on “Love Looks Different.” Named “one of 2021’s best...
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Little Days is a collaboration between Mini Diaz and Jorgen Carlsson. Both musicians are members of Toshi Yanagi's Buzz Wizards. Jorgen is also...
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Junot Diaz has a book of short stories out now in paperback. It's called 'This Is How...
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...acclaimed authentic Oaxacan cuisine and mezcal-focus beverage program from Executive Chef and restaurant entrepreneur Octavio Diaz.
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Mike Nicco, ABC 7 meteorologist gets a lesson in Mescal etiquette with Chef Octavio Diaz, of Agave Uptown in Oakland.
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Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Principal Dancer Alejandro Diaz stopped by WQED-FM to talk to Omar Tolentino about the upcoming Dancer's Trust performance on...
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...gone south. Those old patterns and ways of being just didn’t fit Nashville-based songwriter Madi Diaz anymore, leaving her the freedom to explore new ways of being as she sheds old...
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Panel interview with Erica Shelton Kodish (Cold Case), Marc Muszynski (Abby's), & Emmy Diaz (Jane the Virgin). LISTEN TO THE WRITERS PANEL AD-FREE ON FOREVER DOG PLUS: https://foreverdogpodcasts.com/plus CONNECT...
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