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Flux : Maximum Film!
Oh hai, everyone! In light of the release of The Disaster Artist , this week the gang is talking about bad movies. You know, the movies that...
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In this episode, Tiny and I review The Disaster Artist and then discuss rewatching Star Wars and Tiny’s experience seeing Fifty Shades Darker. Support the...
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...completely fanboyed out. If you don't know about The Room check out the trailer for The Disaster Artist , the film about the making of the worst film ever made. She was awesome...
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Seth Rogen #3

Chris Hardwick
...Seth wants to do that he hasn’t done yet. Seth also talks about making The Disaster Artist , why people are so obsessed with The Room and the mystery behind the director Tommy...
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Dave Franco

Leonard Maltin & Jessie Maltin
...decade as he’s appeared in everything from The Lego Movie and Warm Bodies to The Disaster Artist and If Beale Street Could Talk. He’s brimming with enthusiasm and, as you’ll hear, fun...
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EP 217: Satan's Beach Boys

Loose Cannon & Bakko
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...Franco. James and Dave, the brothers who star in (and, in James' case, directs) The Disaster Artist , the story behind the making of legendarily awful movie The Room, drop by for...
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...many passion projects that he willed to fruition. Only now, with his new movie The Disaster Artist , which he wrote and directed, does James realize what he was chasing and what...
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..."Star Wars: The Last Jedi," "The Post," "Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle," "Justice League," "The Disaster Artist ," "Murder On The Orient Express," and Daniel Day-Lewis' last movie, "The Phantom Thread?" CJ...
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Episode 48: Gig Disasters

Electric Violin Shop
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...Torrie to watch one of their favorite movies, the cult classic and inspiration for The Disaster Artist , The Room. We enjoy some great craft beers during the movie, and encourage you...
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