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Emotional labour

Nastaran Tavakoli-Far
What exactly is emotional labour? Nas talks about it all the time, Dan is still unclear about what it...
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Hiding emotions

Nastaran Tavakoli-Far
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A2G172 - Highly Emotional

AXE TO GRIND PODCAST & Sound Talent Media
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Emotional Labour Returns!

Nastaran Tavakoli-Far
...our hiatus to discuss an email we received about none other than everyone's favorite topic: Emotional Labour! Is emotional labour gendered? Or should we just all focus on doing the right...
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We experience powerful emotions all of the time, but what are they exactly? Where do they come from? This...
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...Brahmali at Pal Buddhist School on the 2 November 2017. The topic is centralised around Emotional Resilience and the talk is structured in three sections (which all coexist with one another)...
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Flux : The Gist
...feelings from their third season of Invisibilia. Society has come around to the idea that emotions are a force to be reckoned with – is that a good thing? In the...
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Kicking #39 "Emotional Jazz"

Kicking and Screaming by Jenna and Bodhi Elfman
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Benjamin Verdoes - Highly Emotional - from the 2015 The One & the Other EP on Brick Lane Records.
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...Hunt Cheeky Features 47 18:28:29 PFM – Premiata Forneria Marconi We’re Not An Island 7:08 Emotional Tattoos [English] 2017 Patrick Djivas 41 18:35:37 Mangala Vallis The Boy That Howls at the...
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Ajahn Brahm teaches us how to deal with difficult emotions and to learn how to experience more positive emotions, more often.
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...and special guest cellist Ben Sollee as they get to the bottom of music and emotion. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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IR Canada Show 103: Emotional

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