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In this episode, Sue and KC discuss Disney's 2007 film "Enchanted" that mixes live action and traditional animation for the first time since "Who Framed Roger...
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How Show Tunes Enchanted America

Broadway to Main Street
...of songs discussed in your host’s brand-new book—yes! “Broadway to Main Street: How Show Tunes Enchanted America,” recently published by Oxford University Press. If you listen to this program every week,...
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La tournée enchante les fans à Donetsk

Le podcast UEFA.com du football européen
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Information regarding Alan from Enchanted Tiki Talk

The Dub Dee Dub Revue: Walt Disney World & Disneyland Discussion
...information (including Go Fund Me) for Alan's wife and daughter.  Alan was a co-host of "Enchanted Tiki Talk" (A Disney Podcast) and passed away suddenly at the age of 34.  ...
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MBMBaM 506: The Enchanted Horn of American Heroism

shows@mbmbam.com (Travis McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy)
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Flux : BlablaSwing
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...brother & Rudy Guliani's SNL performance hit TV, while Parappa raps on PS1. In 2007, Enchanted casts a spell on a game-heavy week featuring the Hitman movie, Mass Effect, and Uncharted.
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...is separated from his father, Tsar Saltan, and ends up ruling an island full of enchanted objects and animals -- including an enchanted swan, whom the prince marries once she gets...
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Flux : Mystery Show
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