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Farewell Tours 'n' Sh*t

In Episode 52, we talk about the current wave of farewell tour s, the future of the concert industry, and sidetrack ourselves with White Lion, Def Leppard,...
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“The Farewell Tour” -Ep 239

Ryan McKay and AD Adams
...talking music with all of you. Who knows what the future holds. As with most Farewell Tour s, we may be back someday. Until we meet again!  Much LOVE from all of...
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Set Injuries & The Potential Farewell Tour

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme
...their Tacoma FD set injuries and talk about their new Stand Up Special: The Potential Farewell Tour . They also cover BBLTs, high cracks vs. low cracks, rabbit fur bathrobes, pancaking Lemme,...
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...John Douglas! John is currently on tour with Aerosmith as the "Touring Drummer" on their FAREWELL TOUR but how did he end up replacing Joey Kramer? Plus we talk all things Van...
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On the 33rd Episode of Dorm Damage With Tom & Zeus discuss farewell tour s by legendary bands. Lately it seems that many legendary bands are going on so-called...
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It's Bent News #56, a sweet update for your Friday! -Confirmed source: Aerosmith planning farewell tour ! -Little Richard documentary in theaters now! -Syd Barrett documentary hitting UK cinemas on May...
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The Top 10 Tours you MUST see in 2020

...cool perks! Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/loulombardi With so many bands reuniting and so many farewell tour s it can be tough to know where to spend your concert dollars this year....
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...Jude Gold, mere days before the launch of Ozzy's globe-spanning, two-year No More Tours 2 farewell tour . On this episode, Zakk plays several great Ozzy riffs for you and shares guitar...
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...the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world is on their farewell tour , and what better time than to go on a tour of their studio discography....
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...life experience as he aged. Damone, who announced his retirement in 2000, embarked on a farewell tour that lasted into 2001. With a sold-out concert at Florida's Kravis Center in February of...
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Tacoma FD is in the can & WE ARE BACK!

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme
...finally BACK! They talk about the shoot, their Dec 4th stand up special: "The Potential Farewell Tour ," gifts from the Chew Crew, TV love scenes, Lemme's Directorial Debut, big dicks on...
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...it's loud, in your face, and makes no apologies! For veteran rockers, Mötley Crüe a farewell tour in 2014 was the final chance to shout at the devil. They made sure their...
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Flux : The Gist
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