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Folk You

William Domiano
Ruben Alan David & Muskie of Folk You met Bill at the Leechburg Moose 102 (thanks!) to do an interview on this...
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...on the mainstream. In our show today we’ll take a chronological run through the traditional folk that filled the decade of the Sixties. We’ll hear from The Kingston Trio, Trini Lopez,...
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Elektra Folk Sampler

Living in Hi-Fi
A listener request brings us folk songs from all over the world and we trace the path of a one-man recording...
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Sawbones: Appalachian Folk Medicine

sawbones@maximumfun.org (Justin McElroy)
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From ‘Macbeth’ to ‘The Wicker Man’, we discuss what the folk-horror genre means in film and literature with writers Andy Miller and Adam Scovell. Plus: we...
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Flux : Pantheon
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A chat with Kris from post-punk/Goth pioneers the Folk Devils.
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Flux : Pantheon
...about rock & roll's second miracle year when America responded to the Beatles by blending folk and blues with rock & roll. They discuss how Michael Bloomfield electrified Bob Dylan, the...
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Blake Clark, standup folk hero

Big Pop Fun with Tom Wilson
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Flux : Pantheon
...school and Nerissa's music changed my life and opened my eyes to a modern-era underground folk movement. What's wild is that I first saw The Nields at MixFest in 1999, a...
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Flux : Pantheon
What a dang treat to talk to the legend herself Susan Werner on Basic Folk! Susan was born and raised on her family's 140 acre farm near Manchester, Iowa. Her...
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Flux : Pantheon
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Flux : Pantheon
Taylor Ashton! Clawhammer banjo! Illustrations! Canada! He started his career in the alt-folk band Fish & Bird and has collaborated with musical friends like Courtney Hartmann (formerly of...
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