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Future Loading

Flux : PodJUST
...giver vores bud på, hvordan du kan håndtere ungdomslivets mange valgsituationer. Lyt med for: your future is loading… ⌛???? https://podjust.com/da/future-loading Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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Financial Futures

Flux : PodJUST
...and secure. Global finance trends are hurling towards a unanimous conclusion. These are our Financial Futures. Each episode, we size up the bleeding edge of fintech innovation and explore the trends...
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From TV and film to novels and video games, the artistic movement of Indigenous Futurisms has been gaining momentum and breaking cultural barriers. I talk with professor and author Grace...
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...worldbuilding, to identifying with fictional characters like Data or Spock, to wanting to imagine a future where aliens, humans and A.I. can coexist without a hierarchy of neurotypical perspectives. Featuring actress...
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Future Man

Forever Dog
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...we once considered science fiction is now becoming reality. This hour, TED speakers explore the future consequences of our present actions.Guests include designer Anab Jain, futurist Juan Enriquez, biologist Paul Knoepfler,...
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Pickled future

Monocle 24
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Cybersecurity Futures

Cybersecurity Futures
...has long been a staple of military strategizing, but how do we plan for the future in cyberspace, a realm where governments do not hold a monopoly on capabilities? A new...
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Flux : Podiffycom
 blakeholgate10 Education Business Science RaboTalk’s Growing our future is all about equipping New Zealand’s farmers and growers with the knowledge to support resilient...
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...hip. Get ready for Solarpunk. This new emerging genre of art and fiction imagines a future where DIY environmental sustainability dictates the design of everything from skyscraper farms to homemade fashion....
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...Can organic agriculture? Ford Denison is a research scientist who has thought clearly about the future of agriculture and what, if anything, it can learn from nature. Right now, he's worried.
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Google+ : quel futur ?

jeremy.boye@gmail.com (Jérémy BOYE)
...de ses autres services. Désormais, les internautes pourront se […] Cet article Google+ : quel futur ? est apparu en premier sur My Guroo - formation community management.
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#63: Future Husband

#63: Future Husband
It's another Classic episode with just Kimmie and Kelsey! Today we're talking about "Future Husband" (S4E14"). Tracy is focusing on the next part of his EGOT, that ends in...
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