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Episode 274: Gedo 101

MLW Radio Network
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...and Y2J's oldest friends in the biz & his former tag team partners, Jado & Gedo, sit down to talk about working together in Mexico, their time in Japan with both...
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With a crazy weekend of rumors surrounding Gedo STRIGGA & Dylan are back with a new episode discussing what led to STRIGGA tweeting...
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Zonder gedoe gratis online uw auto verkopen, en wel binnen 1 dag! Bovendien wordt de auto vaak...
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...Lariat returns with a review of the 2nd Stage in 1995 that was won by Gedo. Travel back time with STRIGGA & Dylan to relive a magical time in japanese pro-wrestling...
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...departure, where he could go and what it means or should mean for management and Gedo. While the first ever full time departure of a true ace guy to America caused...
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...got stories about the Bullet Club, traveling with AJ Styles, working for Tiger Hattori and Gedo, and life in Japan in general. Luke also remembers the time he nearly got stranded...
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...recent 23-day tour of Japan with NJPW including working with Okada and Tanahashi, learning from Gedo, traveling on the babyface bus, and assimilating to Japanese culture!   STAY CONNECTED: TikTok: @ChrisJericho...
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Flux : Club JDR
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Harvey Guillén

shows@maximumfun.org (Janet Varney, JV, Space Center, What we do in the shadows, intervew, podcast, Harvery Guillen)
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ADC #234: Dédo et le stand-up du HellFest

captain@captainweb.net (Captainweb.net)
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Flux : Open Bayes
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