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D-ROCK and Jody Havenot discuss KISS.
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Flux : Off Track
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JOdy Havenot is joined by Amber a.k.a. MeatyBits to play some of the best music from 2015..
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Jody Havenot sits down with Terry X, from the seminal St. Louis punk rock band MAX LOAD
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Jody Havenot sits down with Terry X from the seminal St. Louis punk rock band MAX LOAD.
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Jody Havenot and D-Rock discuss all things KISS...our first episode was really fun and a good listen...
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Join Jody Havenot, Andrew Kiss, and D-Rock as we take a fond look at the 1977 KISS classic,...
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With KISS newly anointed hall of famers, Jody Havenot and Rachel Ann felt compelled to discuss the festivities. Enjoy KISS ARMY!!!
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Flux : Titre inconnu
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Jody Havenot and Andrew Kiss are joined by our PRC bro Joe Polo to discuss one of...
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