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...Out to Lunch we turn our attention to a whole new breed of business people: high school entrepreneurs.  Deborah Sternberg is founder and chairperson of the Baton Rouge affiliate of a nationwide...
Medium 6a8b08843efdd7da3c08d817494d2c5e08160daa
...new episode of 2 Jews and 2 Black Dudes Review the Movies: BitsTheReal. Today's theme: high school stories, from Cardi B, Desus Nice, Jadakiss, Ella Mai, Lizzo, Scottie Beam, Kenny Beats and...
Medium 47eb9237177e9bd39f2dc1bf65bf655f8345c355
Anna Salvatore is the impresario behind the High School SCOTUS blog. She got in touch with Benjamin Wittes a number of months ago asking...
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High School Horror - Vidjagame Apocalypse 390

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
High school is a breeding ground for all sorts of lifelong fears and anxieties, so of course...
Medium 7bb8c72038a82d4a5c1544a413513bdaa74f7117
...why it has taken the place of YA, and the fun and challenges of post- high school teen characters. Moderated by Jarett Wieselman (BuzzFeed). Recorded at ATX Television Festival on June 11,...
Medium 5357bed9607266c24c74fa7d628f4fb6a87caecd
Medium 5357bed9607266c24c74fa7d628f4fb6a87caecd
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Flux : Pop Rocket
It’s 20 years since the release of Clueless so we talk about the best high school movies and argue over whether Boyz n the Hood counts as one. Plus Trainwreck, Bree...
Medium f756dfafcfd21b4720d84c697fddae45ef43f82d

Greetings from Ham & Bacon High School

Southern Foodways Alliance
Flux : Gravy
...circumstances. The bacon, along with ham and eggs, sold at this auction are raised and butchered by high school ers as part of their school curriculum. Reporter Corey Knollinger tell us the story of what it takes to...
Medium 48e40b82f3f2d86a80849d0edaa42819f5885356
...face Carrie Poppy from the "Oh No, Ross and Carrie!" podcast to open up their high school diaries. They'll discover such long-forgotten secrets like Carrie's hilarious list of “favorites," Janet's (topless??) trips...
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We JV This Club: Best High School Movie

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun)
..."We Got This!" podcasts! The reason for this amazing crossover? To officially determine the best high school movie. This podcast was a special stretch goal that was reached with new MaxFun Members...
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#183:When High School PE Was a Man-Maker

contact@artofmanliness.com (The Art of Manliness)
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...And then we all move to New Jersey. www.6ftplus.com www.gravediggerslocal.com... The post Episode 97: My High School Glows In The Dark appeared first on Six Foot Plus.
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