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13. Horror Author John Langan / Horror

David Barr Kirtley and John Joseph Adams
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Shudder TVs first original documentary feature, HORROR NOIRE: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROR takes a critical look at a century of genre...
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...monthlong Halloween theme continues this week, as Matthew Jay joins us for an exploration of horror games based on horror movies, some of which might actually surprise you. We also dig...
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Flux : Live on KEXP
The Horrors' fifth LP, the aptly-titled V, is among their most immediate and bracing work. Channeling a...
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World Of Horror

Lochie & Louis
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austinrich@gmail.com (Austin Rich)
HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE! A Night On Horror Island Somehow I have would up in Florida, but...
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...Dead into hot commodities for impressionable youth like Steven. He grew up to become a horror filmmaker, but he never imagined the genre would help him deal with personal loss. Across...
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Flux : Pop Rocket
Young Adult fiction, hip hop podcasts and our favorite horror movies. With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Oliver Wang and Margaret Wappler. That’s My Jam: Wynter...
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...by to talk about his newest film, "Slayers". Are you a fan of hybrid indie horror-action films? Let us know! Send Summer an email, or leave a message in the comments...
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...this is just to weird! Welcome to the odd little world of Little Shop of Horrors! Today the Invaders eye their salads a little more cautiously after watching the original 1960...
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...an... independent musician. Boo!  In this spooky Halloween-themed episode, Kevin and Chris talk about musician horror stories — both the kind that are common amongst DIY artists and a few uncommonly...
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Horror News and More!

NOTLP.com Presents
Horror News and more! Brought to you ad-free by the Legion of Demons at patreon.com/notlp. Join...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Malady
...beams and pick up our laser scalpels, vibro-knives, plasma cutters, and other slashing implements for horror month. This year, we are doing films based on HP Lovecraft stories. We talked about...
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Vol 43 - Cosmic Horror

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