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...education and community cultural development — now she's working on a doctoral study about Aboriginal humour.
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Buster and Cor!! were two of the biggest humour comics in Britain – and now they’re back and they’ve brought their friends in the...
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Flux : Savor
Ancient Greco-Islamic medicine and philosophy created the concept of the four humours: bodily fluids that must be kept in balance -- or else. Anney and Lauren explore...
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Flux : Fourth Estate
...their satirical news website that won this year's Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent. The site uses humour to comment on Venezuela’s current political and economic turmoil, and to promote real and independent...
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#140 How To Fix Your Relationship with Humour - Marriage Podcast

How to Save Your Marriage Podcast with Nicola Beer Marriage Podcast
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...than that. The post Greg Koch audio interview (aka @mansqwatch): a huge guitar player with humour appeared first on The Guitar Channel.
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Ajahn regaled us with his usual wit and humour, teaching us to relax our bodies beforehand so that we may then relax our minds. ...
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...is an unvarnished portrait of intergenerational trauma cut through with acerbic wit and dry black humour.
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...and dysfunction in a fictional country town, Too Much Lip is leavened by dry black humour.
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...enregistré autour d'une table avant la fin du virus. Nous continuerons par Discord. On jase humour et quarantaine avec Guillaume Gaudet et David Vadeboncoeur.
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...Kuopio: a destination famed for its unique local dishes and the locals’ quirky sense of humour.
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..."pony virus", regaled us with his presence on a cold night at Club Med. Using humour, jokes, funny stories and common sense Ajahn warmed our hearts and calmed our minds while...
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Ajahn Brahm gives a humourous and wise talk on how understanding impermance can bring peace in life. Please support the...
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