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Goodbye to the iPod

Flux : TechStuff
On May 10th, 2022, Apple announced it was discontinuing the iPod Touch, the last in the line of iPod products. We look back on the debut,...
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Flux : TechStuff
The iPod is one of the most popular portable music players in the world, but it certainly...
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...that this podcast is in .m4a (enhanced podcast) format, and should play in iTunes, on iPods and on Zunes. An MP3 of this show can be found at our website.
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I had so much fun doing my St. Patrick's Day iPod Shuffle, that I think it might be  regular feature. I'll still have more stuff going...
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Surprise, surprise–The new Zune music player fails to compete with Apple’s new line of iPods. Kevin, Chris and Robert offer their own thoughts and processes on songwriting and Robert... So...
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SALSA BRAVA PA TU iPod ! Ahi! con DJ.E!

Salsa Brava Radio Podcats ! (DJ.E)
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413 - Sentient iPod | Carole King Edition Part 1

Sleep With Me | The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep
Flux : Sleep With Me
A forgotten pitch will start your slumber, but when an ipod awakens to save a bobcat, snores will ensue. (story at 18:55) Carole King will make...
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...ago when Mike Frizzell appeared on our sister podcast, Earbuds & Earworms, to “defend his iPod” with E&E’s Amy Shepherd. (Figuratively, that is, because neither of them uses an actual iPod...
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Charging up my iPod for a summer cycle tour

bikeshow@resonancefm.com (Resonance FM)
Flux : The Bike Show
...heading to North America for a … Continue reading → The post Charging up my iPod for a summer cycle tour first appeared on The Bike Show.
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Flux : PodJUST
...a major global language before reflecting on the future of English in the 21st century. https://podjust.com/podcast/the-history-of-english-in-ten-minutes-for-ipod-iphone Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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416 - Lazer Cat | Sentient iPod | Carole King Edition Part 2

Sleep With Me | The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep
Flux : Sleep With Me
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