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More April Fools! This week's Main Attraction is listener Rob Ottone's pick Jawbreaker. Freddy reviews Satanic Panic for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. Brought to you ad-free by the Legion of...
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#151 - Adam Pfahler (Jawbreaker)

thomaspmullen@gmail.com (Tom Mullen)
Flux : Washed Up Emo
A documentary was released a few years ago called "Don’t Break Down," about Jawbreaker. Fun fact: Dan Didier, drummer for the Promise Ring, Maritime and Vermont was the producer...
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Wonderful! 130: Jawbreaker Julie

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Flux : Wonderful!
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...Ring, Maritime, Vermont and currently Dramatic Lovers was a huge part of the recently released Jawbreaker documentary “Don’t Break Down.” To find out more about his experience helping make this film...
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On episode #40, Tim and J venture into the nebulous world known as Jawbreaker. Are they punk? Are the emo? Are they pre-emo? Are they post-punk? Who knows, but...
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...& WE'VE GOT BLAKE SCHWARZENBACH ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK!!! Right on the heels of Jawbreaker's recent show announcements, Blake took sometime out of the practice schedule to sit down &...
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...an accidental segment called "Conversation Corner". Also on this episode, we review the album Dear You by Jawbreaker, and recast Toy Story. This week's outro music: "Who is This?"
...You're Dead Replacements - I Hate Music Dopamines - Dave Wipfler Lemuria - Christine Perfect Jawbreaker - Down Arrivals - Fat of the Land Ramones - Mental Hell Sloane Peterson -...
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...’59, WORMWOOD INN, BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE and more. If you have any stale jawbreakers, throw them... The post Episode 193: Some Leftover Candy appeared first on Six Foot Plus.
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MBMBaM 549: Bros Better, Bros Best, Ch. 153-169

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...time has come. Suggested talking points: Farm Wisdom, Sheryl Psy, Dad’s All That, Small Mysteries, Jawbreaker, Racehorse Witchcraft, Kissing Experiments, Stealing Sunsets, Plosives, Horse Emotions, Toilet Paper Wallet , High School...
...- Murder By Guitar Cyanide Pills - I Don't Remember Control Freaks- Better Than You Jawbreaker - Down Needles//Pins - Good Night Kitty Little - I Want You To Know T...
Raging Nathans - CTRL+ALTRIGHT+DEL Fur Coats - Manta Rays Mind Spiders - Outside Jawbreaker - Crane 50 Foot Wave - Bath White Kevin Seconds - He's Got Tiny Hands...
Jawbreaker- Want Needles//Pins - Miracle Zatopeks- Turkish Bread Chronicle Rebel Riot - Stop racism, Against 969,...
Heelwalkers - Open Season Jawbreaker - Equalized Otoboke Beaver - Love Is Short Pink Mink - Hidden Beach Dopamines -...
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...Tamagotchis and Pokemon before explaining why Emo Music is so important, from My Chemical Romance, Jawbreaker to Brand New, to a generation needing to feel less isolated. Follow Martin on Twitter...
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