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Flux : Film Reviews
If you’re feeling insufficiently anxious in your life, “Joker” could be just the ticket. If not, look elsewhere to be entertained.
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Joaquin Phoenix Joker?

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
It appears there is movement on Todd Phillips elseworlds Joker film as Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly in talks for the role. Joaquin Phoenix in talks...
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The Fansplainers – Joker

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
...Ian and Dave sit down to hash out the newest film from DC, Todd Philips’ Joker starring the always interesting Joaquin Phoenix. Ian and Dave often disagree about a film and...
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Joker | BEB 399

Black-Eyed N Blues
...Pines, Georgia Randall, River Come Down, Andrew Jr. Boy Jones & Kerrie Lepai Jones, Old Joker, Val Starr & the Blues Rocket, 24 Hour Blues, Betty Fox Band, Rising Strong, Thorbjorn...
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Aquaman, Joker, and more

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
Today's podcast covers news on Aquaman, the Joker film, and more. Randall Park will play Dr. Shin in Aquaman - Director James Wan on...
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Joker Is A Warning

Future Thinkers
The new Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix is an extremely timely and relevant commentary on what is happening...
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'Joker' & Other "Dangerous Films"

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
Flux : Who Shot Ya?
This episode is both "sick" and "twisted." The gang talks about the lightning rod that is Joker. They discuss other "dangerous films." They play everyone's favorite game, 'Name That Goon,' where the...
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...well known villains in comic book history? Al and Dawn discuss Batman's arch enemy the Joker, how he has changed over time, his live action movie portrayals, and why we think...
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Batman, Joker, Watchmen, Crisis, and more

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
This episode of the DC Drop looks at The Batman and Joker movie news, Watchmen release date, and more. Robert Pattinson discusses The Batman in interview with...
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Joker, Lobo, and Brainiac in action

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
Today's podcast covers some new details on the Todd Phillips Joker film, a minor Lobo film update, and a question on Brainiac on Krypton. Quick details on the Todd...
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Episode 293- The Joker's Happy Victims

Two True Freaks! Mega Feed
In this week's adventure, Magnus wraps up the Joker miniseries with a fond look back at The Joker's Happy Victims, originally printed in a...
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Magnus takes a fond look back at Cesar Romero's Joker while looking ahead to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. Minimal wedding discussion occurs. Zero ranting occurs. No...
Zorch Radio Episode 293: Jokers Wild Airdate: Thursday, August 11th, 2016 Check out Zorch Radio’s webshop: http://bit.ly/2gUh0ZJ DJ Hodaddy’s new...
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Let's put a smile on that face! As Todd Phillips' Joker continues its bid for world domination (closing in on a billion dollars at the global...
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Music behind DJ: The Gamblers - "The Joker" The Stanley Brothers - "Finger Poppin' Time" Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys - "San...
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