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KISS ARMY – meet meet me in THE KISS ROOM for a bonus issue featuring Kandi’s KISS Korner! In this issue of THE KISS ROOM, we are playing a recent episode...
Medium 53a3e3d465668d3587693fb7e98b60d66289c25e
...Frehley! We got together with our PODCAST ROCK CITY bro Joe Polo, and the lovely Kandi Burton to celebrate Ace Frehley's Birthday!
Medium b29666e267e0926aa64035402a79dd15e35ec305
Jody Havenot and Andrew Kiss hang out via skype with fellow KISS freak, Rozetta Kandi..We cover a wide smattering of KISS topics, and hope you enjoy!
Medium 0d52c9f04fa96584b6cafbc901ef30594dd2934c
...the End of the Road. ANTHONY PORTER shares a new song from THREE CHORD MONEY. KANDI BURTON is talking about KANDI’s KISS KORNER. TONY MANN and BOBBY McADAMS are sharing fun...
Medium 8377ebccd5af0b9d90d250ccfb08de2795b13438

Darin & Anita "A Music Evolution" Week Ending March 22nd 2020

Darin & Anita "A Music Evolution" (Syndicated Radio Show)
...Anita "A Music Evolution" Syndicated Radio) KICKS OFF WITH * SHARE US WITH YOUR FRIENDS Kandi Man "Mississippi Love" FaceBook: www.facebook.com/kandimanblues Make a REQUEST For The Show 704-966-5832
Medium 6f4b63fd98f334f6f96e703a4dcdd89f0b917941
...Benassi - No Matter What You Do 4 Scissor Sister - Comfortably Numb ( Hed Kandi) 5 Mika - Relax ( Take it easy ) 6 Tracey Thorn - Grand Canyon
Medium 611746fce54b40ac4f42a3f5c884d8faf76e717b
Time to Celebrate 8 Years of The PodKISSt! Matt Porter, Craig Cohen, Gary Shaller, Rozetta Kandi & Ken Mills talk about the last eight years and “Ferk” stops by the PodKISSt...
Medium c26ecf38b2e442e9c022bb1fe39768c743d9fb58
...Ron Albanese (ALIVE! ’75) ZECCA Steve Campagna (Rock and Roll Over) Ken Mills (The PodKISSt) Kandi Burton and Chris Giordano (KISSteria) * It’s all of the KISS talk and KISS tunes...
Medium 744d1e614259935b7c21709ef27ff54e061610b5
...coin). Michael Brandvold is one of the host of  www.ThreeSidesOfTheCoin.com/ But first Andrew Jacobs & Kandi drops by and Ghosty TMRS/David Wills Does a Looney Version of “Beth” Rate us on...
Medium 2e53549e19087a7f1d15e3cf1fdbf748cfe4e095
Medium 660a64c8378d098497848006ff3e314cf12ac9e5
...solo albums! KISS talk, KISS tunes, plus the Rock City Machine Company, an announcement from Kandi Burton, your chance to WIN an awesome KISS poster, an exclusive song directly from Matt’s...
Medium 00cf933ee5e438bdc6d5ed2b3b19368f88854c6a
...is joined in THE KISS ROOM by Bobby Dreher (HAIR ‘EM) Anthony Porter (CLASHING PLAID) Kandi Burton (Rockers United) Steve Compagna (Rock and Roll Over) Ken Mills (The PodKISSt) and MORE...
Medium d815ed2877230f4d6f84b681cc826eeaa40eceb1
...track from IRON FIST! Stu and Mat from BLITZ share their updated Christmas song! PLUS Kandi calls in, we spin some holiday favorites and MORE! You wanted the best and you...
Medium 001888678cee3e72b7dc2771ccb42b411dd394a0
...Asbrock, Mark Goodman, Josiah Horn, Rik Fox, Toby Wright, John Billings, Sandy Gennaro, Robert Bentley, Kandi Burton and more! I’m spinning tunes from KISS, The Sky, Van Halen, Steeler, and more,...
Medium 22ebb47dc23bde1da09cc92c2b8b4850d91b5b79
...live set, plus guests C.c. Storm (musician) Super Fan Andy Moyen (KISS Kruise pre-party) and Kandi Burton (KISS WORLD podcast)! We’re talking KISS, having a party, and you are invited. Go...
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