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Episode 267: Yael Peet (Karasu) & KAYE (San Fermin)

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Flux : Snacky Tunes
Today on Snacky Tunes, we talk to Karasu founder Yael Peet, who tells us about her career change from art school (with dreams...
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Episode 158: Joy of Cooking Japanese American Cuisine

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Flux : Japan Eats!
...are Elena Yamamoto & Yael Peet, wonderfully talented chefs who cooked beautiful Japanese-influenced food at Karasu in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, until recently. They are currently getting ready for their own new...
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Flux : Japan Eats!
...York City including Prune and Shuko. Until April 2019 she was the co-executive chef at Karasu, which is a cool Japanese-influenced izakaya-style restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Yael and her co-executive...
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Mangacast Omake N°27 – Mai 2015

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Mangacast Omake N°25 – Mars 2015

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Flux : Mangacast
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Flux : Mangacast
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Flux : Le coq chante
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...a au moins une personne qui croit en lui.Venez découvrir l’histoire de Sigismond et de Karasu. PS: Si vous avez aimé cette histoire, que … Continuer la lecture de « Sigismond le...

Jogiya Harasu Sri Mylaresha

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