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Bowie vs Lemmy - Ep224

DBG Productions
This week the Decibel Geek Podcast presents Bowie vs Lemmy; a hard rock and metal salute to two music icons. In this hour-plus episode you'll...
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Flux : Dad Rock
With the death of rock legend Lemmy, the Dad Rock co-hosts look back at the impact of Motorhead. Dad Rock is a...
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Episode 78: RIP Lemmy

Axeology Guitar Radio
Lemmy is no longer with us but Axeology is here to stay!!
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[r] Who is Lemmy? Well he's the singer for Motörhead and he's revered by metal fans around the globe....
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Episode 193: Lemmy Sings the Hits

joey@cnjradio.com (Joey)
Covers performed by Lemmy with and without Motorhead. Listen Like Subscribe and SHARE!!!! Go type in all of these...
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 277: Lemmy

rnrmanifesto@gmail.com (Greg Lonesome)
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Especial tributo a Ian Fraser Kilmister (LEMMY), músico inglês reconhecido por seu trabalho no Motorhead. A playlist conta com singles, sucessos, clássicos,...
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Flux : Talking Metal
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...been ill this past week. So this week, we present an encore presentation of our Lemmy memorial special from earlier this year, featuring prime voltage from several phases of Mr. Kilmister's...
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...running the world's largest music store. Also we discuss the passing of 2 rock greats, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead & Hawkwind & Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver. If you...
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We pay tribute to Lemmy and Bowie. Topics include both Bakko and Loose Cannon running and hiding from loudness at...
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RNRBC14 – White Line Fever: The Autobiography by Lemmy Kilmister by Rock And Roll Book Club
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Flux : Pantheon
A God of rock, this week we are talking about Motorhead cornerstone, Lemmy. Without this man, so many genres of rock would not exist as we know them...
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