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Graham William Nash is a musician, singer, songwriter and photographer. He had his first musical success as a member of the...
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The Escaped Musician

Humphrey Camardella Productions
Charlie Chan-The Escaped Musician  oldtimeraidodvd.com
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Junior Appalachian Musicians

Blue Ridge Music Trails
...founded a music program in the Alleghany County, N.C, schools. She called it Junior Appalachian Musicians—or JAM. The program offered instruction in the traditional music of the mountains. To say that...
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Yo-Yo Ma is a cellist and one of the world's most high-profile classical musicians. He has performed for eight US Presidents, appeared in concert halls across the globe and...
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Indie Celtic Musicians #273

Marc Gunn, The Bog Hoppers, Highland Reign, TJ Hull, Two O'Clock Courage, Rambling Sailors
This one is for the indie Celtic musicians who share their music with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Big thanks to Poitin, The...
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Flux : The Gist
...One Question Only.” He’s the author of Oil and Honey and founder of 350.org. Then, musician Xavier Dphrepaulezz has finally found his voice as Fantastic Negrito. We’ll hear how he got...
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Imagine a terrifying world where you're an... independent musician. Boo!  In this spooky Halloween-themed episode, Kevin and Chris talk about musician horror stories —...
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Losing the lazy musician cliche'

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Nitin Sawhney is a composer, musician and producer working in the worlds of music, film, video games, dance and theatre. He...
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