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Flux : Pantheon
This is the stuff that Career Musician dreams are made of. Carl Rydlund is no doubt an over-achiever. He started out with...
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The Escaped Musician

Just Old Time Radio
Charlie Chan-The Escaped Musician  oldtimeraidodvd.com
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Junior Appalachian Musicians

Blue Ridge Music Trails
...founded a music program in the Alleghany County, N.C, schools. She called it Junior Appalachian Musicians—or JAM. The program offered instruction in the traditional music of the mountains. To say that...
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Flux : Pantheon
...Productions, Entertainment Concepts, and Music Production For Events) RESOURCES: 1) YOUTUBE - SUBSCRIBE TO FELLOW MUSICIANS https://www.facebook.com/10603873/posts/10104960967323617/?d=n 2) TELL FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO STREAM, DOWNLOAD YOUR MUSIC on all platforms and...
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CHAI "We Are Musician" WAGAMA-MANIA Burger Records (2018) CD & CS AVAILABLE NOW!!! http://burgerrecords.11spot.com/chai-wagama-mania-17876.html
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Traditional Musician Matt Cranitch

info@irishradio.ca (Austin Comerton)
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Indie Celtic Musicians #273

Marc Gunn, The Bog Hoppers, Highland Reign, TJ Hull, Two O'Clock Courage, Rambling Sailors
This one is for the indie Celtic musicians who share their music with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Big thanks to Poitin, The...
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Flux : The Gist
...One Question Only.” He’s the author of Oil and Honey and founder of 350.org. Then, musician Xavier Dphrepaulezz has finally found his voice as Fantastic Negrito. We’ll hear how he got...
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GenCon Musicians Union - CG041

The Celtfather | Celtic Geek
...the lobby before the long drive home. So I did final podcast to chat with musicians and helpers and share some of the fun. Was that English? Tiired.
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Nitin Sawhney is a composer, musician and producer working in the worlds of music, film, video games, dance and theatre. He...
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Losing the lazy musician cliche'

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Power Up: Musician Neko Case

nerdettepodcast@gmail.com (Greta Johnsen)
Flux : Nerdette
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