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Continuing RADIO NAPALM's celebration of Tim's Birthday Week, reposting historic Tim's Birthday Shows until tomorrow's all-Ramones Birthday Show...
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Continuing RADIO NAPALM's Birthday Week salute to Our Humble Host TIM NAPALM, we repost anoter classic Tim's Birthday...
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Oh, yes! TIM NAPALM is 53, today! To celebrate, he is in The Garage, high on Dublin Dr. Pepper,...
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...THE VIBRATORS, TRUMP CARD, THE CRACK PIPES, BUZZCOCKS and many more. Your Humble Host TIM NAPALM is at the Tunedecks ready to GET BUSY, BABY!!!!
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...10th anniversary special. It takes awhile to recover from landmarks! But Your Humble Host TIM NAPALM is back in The Garage with SCOOTER and ED THE ENGINEER ('tho you can't hear...
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Trump as Napalm

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Flux : The Gist
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RADIO NAPALM Podcast # 63

Tim "Napalm" Stegall
It's Saturday night, and like clockwork, RADIO NAPALM is here to provide your soundtrack as you get ready for the best night of...
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Your humble host, TIM NAPALM, turned 51 yesterday, Sept. 12th. In honor of this occasion, we will be presenting all...
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Merry Xmas (birthday of noted Messiah, Jesus X)!! As always, Your Humble Host TIM NAPALM is the selector, so you will never have to hear the Norman Luboff Chorale again!...
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Flux : Human's Show.
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RADIO NAPALM Xmas Show 2016

Tim "Napalm" Stegall
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Another look back to RADIO NAPALM's days at Woody Radio, featuring the usual jackassery from TIM NAPALM, SCOOTER, and ED THE...
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...outta date, etc., etc. But hey - we're trying. This week, Your Humble Host TIM NAPALM sets the Wayback machine towards vintage voola from THE DAMNED, SEX PISTOLS, RICHARD HELL AND...
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The Garage has reopened for business! TIM NAPALM opened his sock drawer and pulled out ED THE ENGINEER, SCOOTER his assistant, THE EXPERT...
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