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Born Helen Porter Mitchell in Melbourne, Australia in 1861, Nellie Melba would rise to fame as a singer. Her life was everything you'd expect from...
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Born in 1864, Nellie Bly wasn't your average journalist -- in fact, she feigned insanity to gain entry into...
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"Nellie Apologist" ft. Kulap Vilaysack

Exactly Right Media – the original true crime comedy network
Flux : Lady to Lady
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Today we're revisiting an episode from Sarah and Katie. Born in 1864, Nellie Bly wasn't your average journalist. She feigned insanity to gain entry into a mental institution....
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...virtual world because he's so uncomfortable with the human body.And co-host Julie Klausner talks to Nellie McKay who couldn't hate the internet more. Plus, contributor Jordan Morris returns to the program...
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Music from our recent East Coast trip from Andrew WK, Nellie McKay and The Spinto Band. Learn more about sponsor message choices: podcastchoices.com/adchoices NPR Privacy Policy
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...of Totally Driven Radio, Bay Ragni sits down with our old friend, Alison Arngrim aka Nellie Oleson of Little House on the Prairie to discuss the different things she has now...
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Flux : DJMJM
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Flux : Do Go On
Nellie Bly was an all round bad ass! Investigative journalist who went under cover, then travelled...
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