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Northern Exposure

The Writers Panel
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Royal Northern Spring Show

BBC Radio Scotland
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Carl-Edwin Michel, CEO of Northern Arena, is with us this week and he fills us in on what the organisation...
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Martin Courtney - Northern Highway - from the 2015 album Many Moons on Domino.
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Interview with Northern Faces

...an exchange of words that should have never happened. but thank god it did. - northern faces.
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Northern Lights by Quiet Please

relicradio@timewornmedia.com (RelicRadio.com)
...story on this week’s Relic Radio Science Fiction.  Here’s their broadcast from January 30, 1949, Northern Lights. Download SciFi483
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An hour of Northern Soul & Motown Songs.. Music across the decades... and the Dance Floor
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A young journalist will be buried today, after being accidentally shot by dissident republicans in Northern Ireland. The killing is a worrying reminder of bygone decades of violence that fraught Brexit...
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The Final Northern Soul Show for a while from me. On this show loads of requests and a...
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Another 2 Hours of Northern Soul Tracks, some you'll know straight away others might just have you guessing
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