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Medium 1599fb796c4177062c6fde19f7da176cad9bb379
...Murphy and political reporter Paul Karp talk to Labor MP Tony Burke about the government’s omnibus industrial relations bill. With unions concerned the provision will cut pay and conditions, Burke discusses...
Medium af47c249abed1a42a5d8d04ac2fad3928c68e0e7
Flux : 99% Invisible
In a recent piece from Urban Omnibus, Vishaan Chakrabarti (Professor at the Graduate School for Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University),...
Medium c6b19694d81c745f631173bd2b91db2c96a0f7ce

Stephen Fry

BBC Radio 4
...Discs] Favourite track: The Magic Fire Music (Die Walkure) by Richard Wagner Book: The Jeeves Omnibus by P G Wodehouse Luxury: Suicide pill
Medium c6b19694d81c745f631173bd2b91db2c96a0f7ce

Gayatri Devi

BBC Radio 4
...Island Discs] Favourite track: As Time Goes By by Andy Williams and his Orchestra Book: Omnibus of books by James Herriot Luxury: Can of insect repellant
Medium 4bf51a445e2db13fe3c01172f8bd5ba69e5b0aea

Volodymyr Heads Over Here

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
Zelensky visits and the Omnibus spending bill doesn't put the brakes on much, except maybe TikTok on Mitch McConnell's phone. And Mike...
Medium c6b19694d81c745f631173bd2b91db2c96a0f7ce
...Discs] Favourite track: String Quintet In C Major 163 by Franz Schubert Book: The Jeeves Omnibus by P G Wodehouse Luxury: Computer (solar-powered)
Medium 320ceabcd570fe9feae4ba9df2b957770b15ab20
Medium c6b19694d81c745f631173bd2b91db2c96a0f7ce

Douglas Adams

BBC Radio 4
...[Taken from the original programme material for this archive edition of Desert Island Discs] Book: Omnibus of Golfing Stories by P G Wodehouse Luxury: Martin D28 left-handed guitar
Medium 47eb9237177e9bd39f2dc1bf65bf655f8345c355
...the past few weeks, Congress has slowly brought two of its biggest pieces of annual omnibus legislation to the finish line: the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, and the Consolidated...
Medium 47eb9237177e9bd39f2dc1bf65bf655f8345c355

Why is Everyone Banning TikTok?

The Lawfare Institute
...TikTok from government devices, citing national security concerns. A similar bill was included in the omnibus spending bill, requiring the social media video app to be removed from the devices used...
Medium 1bca3f7e6400d4dfd0edb33e0ad2c438923778a2
Flux : StarShipSofa
...The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Six (from Night Shade Books). His two self-published omnibus collections, “In Pieces” and “Under Stars,” are available now as ebooks through Smashwords. For updates...
Medium 6979011f450a7f71f56846028d086c7df50b936f
Flux : Woman's Hour
...103. June Spencer has played the matriarch since 1951. Her last appearance was on Sunday's omnibus edition. Felicity Finch who plays Ruth Archer, shares how the rest of the cast has...
Medium 213e3f35250ca82e39513a8889e40e5ddd0cde99
...we get to talk with writer Artemis Crow about the beginning or her grand adventure omnibus of novels ‘The Zodiac Assassins’. This series of books will encompass 12 novels and 12...
Medium c6b19694d81c745f631173bd2b91db2c96a0f7ce
...by Bob Dylan DISC EIGHT: Crying Shame by Jack Johnson BOOK CHOICE: ‘The Boardman Tasker Omnibus’ by Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker LUXURY ITEM: A charpoi (traditional Indian rope bed) CASTAWAY'S...
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