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Professor Safiya Noble joins Mark to talk about her book "Algorithms of Oppression," which explains how search engines like Google reinforce and amplify the racism in American society....
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Flux : Tad Talk
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DftUnderground Episode 310

Dispatches from the Underground
Feminist Neuroscientist Dr. Ann Fink gets down to talk about how oppression seeps out of our culture and into our biology. 
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...LA. It’s divided into four shows on four separate nights. It’s about this history of oppression and activism in the U.S. -- from 1776 to present day.
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...Years War thousands of French sailors and refugees fled France in the wake of royal oppression. One of these young men, a promising Naval officer, found himself in Tortuga and joined...
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SubKultDethWishradio 7/17

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Flux : Sci-Fi Malady
...Britain. So it seemed like this month should all about Patriotism or seeking freedom from oppression. Or something like that. Sci-Fi Malady RSS
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