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Emily Eavis

BBC Radio 4
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...EU Referendum debate? Tim is joined by Brendan Costelloe from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations to discuss the financial and social impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU....
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A phrase about good organisation.
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Edinburgh Man #21

Edinburgh Man
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Western Australia Country Hour

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Representatives from NEWROC, the North Eastern Wheatbelt Regional Organisation of Councils, are in Canberra today to give the federal agriculture minister a new report...
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Flux : Club JDR
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...Smith from CFMEU’s construction division and Matthew Addison from the Council of of Small Business Organisations Australia also discuss interest rates, minimum wage and corporate profits
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...Daniel Hurst speaks to Asio chief Mike Burgess about lessons from Christchurch and why the organisation is no longer using the umbrella term ‘rightwing extremism’ • Australia’s spy chief vows to...
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...("Srini") is the Chief Compliance Officer at the New Development Bank (NDB), the only multilateral organisation based in Shanghai. Comprised of the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South...
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