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Giuda - Overdrive

Burger Records
GIUDA "Overdrive" E.V.A. Burger Records (2019) No time to fuck around, GIuda are back! Yes, Rome’s finest...
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TLMR 105 Overdrive (Andrew Fish)
To download right click the link below and “Save Link As” TLMR 105 Overdrive Overdrive is a Pop Punk band from Mexico. When I met them...
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74: Maximum Overdrive

Super High Sci-Fi
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...are exploding, and your toaster is laughing at you. Technology has run amuck in Maximum Overdrive (1986). Stephen King steps into the directors chair to adapt his own story to the...
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Cover.medium square,%20medium.1558790203 the delay and modulation field, with the Riverside they are now getting in the overdrive business. The post Riverside @Strymon overdrive pedal review – Powerhouse tone machine appeared first on...
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Honk Machine IT-11 Audio: a vocal overdrive pedal (Pierre Journel)
The Honk Machine overdrive pedal from IT-11 Audio is a very vocal overdrive pedal with its specific Honk setting...
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...the premiere episode Brian sits down with Travis and Max and discusses the differences between Overdrive, distortion and fuzz.  Find us at: .
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Here's the Sunset, the latest effort from Strymon to attack the analog kingdom of overdrive and boost pedals. After the Riverside also reviewed on The Guitar Channel, this new double...
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Flux : Guitar Nerds
...the Blackstar Artist series, the new Electro-Hamronix Cock Fight and the expensive Van Weelden Royal Overdrive. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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037 – A Thing About Machines (The Twilight Zone S02E04) + Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Anthology - The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Science Fiction Theatre, and Classic Sci-Fi Podcast
...season: A Thing About Machines. He concludes the episode with a bonus review of Maximum Overdrive, Stephen King’s only directorial effort. Tweet your thoughts on the podcast and The Twilight Zone...
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...a beautiful palette of sounds. The post Pedal Review – Rumble Seat from Analog Alien: overdrive/delay/reverb in 1 unit! appeared first on The Guitar Channel.
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...Stauffer. They discuss proper muting techniques to clean up your chops. And what about stacking overdrives? The how's, what's and what affect order can have on your tone. Ever wonder what...
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