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Despite multiple Oscars and billions of dollars in box office returns, Peter Jackson still has the same interests he had when he was 10 years old: First World...
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...touring arrangements, and the correct pronunciation of Claes Bang. Elsewhere, we can't get rid of Peter Jackson . Not content with his own special a few weeks ago, he's back, with writer...
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Original Airdate 2/14/16 Andrew Graham rejoins Sean Comer and Mark Radulich as they review Peter Jackson 's second trip to Middle Earth, #TheHobbit. Since BTR cut off our LRTR Lord of...
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The Fab Three Get Back with The Beatles Incredible Documentary

talkisjericho@gmail.com (Cumulus Podcast Network)
...3 (Jericho, drummer Mike Portnoy, and Anthrax’s Charlie Benante) return to celebrate the release of Peter Jackson ’s 8-hour documentary series, “Get Back,” on their favorite band, The Beatles! Peter Jackson sifted...
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As well as breaking down what makes Peter Jackson 's LOTR trilogy great we discuss news of the Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Bond,...
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...Hopkins makes Psycho, and we have a lot to say about the first 1/3 of Peter Jackson ’s The Hobbit. All that and more on Thirty Twenty Ten!
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