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Straight Football Talk's Teddy the Bear Tate is playing host to Vince Papale, Philadelphia Eagles Legend and local hero. The man who walked on to an NFL field and played...
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...fiftieth episode and we're talking Super Bowl 52 The most American Super Bowl ever!!! The Philadelphia Eagles vs the New England Patriots who hail from Boston! Two cities that marked the start...
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...topics, the guys also discuss gun control, playing live shows, the band Tesla, Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia Eagles , technology, being a parent, Billy Corgan, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, the Gorgeous Ladies of...
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...2: West Point graduate and Offensive Lineman Brett Toth just signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in a huge shift toward allowing service members to play pro sports  Round 3: The...
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Flux : Talk Toomey
...to discuss their latest album, starting a new band in this time period and the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl. Robb Rivera of Nonpoint returns with his "Pick From The Kit"...
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Straight Football Talk #4

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Make the G7 the G8 Again

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