Medium 164a41db24bafb51908d45258a8452e6ed291a1f
Flux : The Nod
Photographer Mel D. Cole is known for capturing some of the most famous faces in hip...
Medium dcae33d8c21c08230fb63e868e2c1f8b36c0633c
...of "loves" iPhone 6s 3D Touch Web 3D Touch support (via @bzamayo) Taptic Engine Live Photos Siri and the M9 Daniel Jalkut on haptic feedback Daniel Jalkut on Siri's headphone tax...
Medium f12001d2999d6fc5cf098217b2d87cc803a38866

225- Photo Credit

roman@99pi.org (Roman Mars)
Flux : 99% Invisible
Medium 07faa24b5cbf9069c01ba4fe39dcab17d1e74fe4

#56 44 Photos

Spotify Studios
Flux : Heavyweight
One morning, Amy opened her mailbox and found a package with 44 photos inside—photos of complete strangers. Now Amy wonders: Who are they? And why were the photos...
Medium 12def56415814f4aa3a8827ad524454855ec2422

Pete Souza’s Photo Synthesis

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
Before Pete Souza became the most famous troll on Instagram, he was the White House photographer for the duration of the Obama administration. Souza explains his approach to capturing moments and...
Medium 2d9dd93c5f2bf345c9fd8c689aabf5a88533caf8
Flux : Reply All
Medium fcec16dc9b3594744a4d48a9d3d3ef07ccf6af21
Flux : Reply All
Medium d98d7e4af182351f5821553602f6f049e004bfe1
Flux : TechStuff
Dylan is back to talk about the post-digital age of photo manipulation, when Photoshop and other programs began to allow more people to change images. Learn...
Medium d98d7e4af182351f5821553602f6f049e004bfe1
Flux : TechStuff
HowStuffWorks photo editor Dylan joins the show to talk about the pre-digital age of photo manipulation. Learn...
Medium 28ffec2b63e21cd1bc7fd427bbcd249b3cd30691

Nardwuar vs. The Punk Photo Album !

CiTR & Discorder Magazine
Nardwuar , with help of the Wasted Lives , investigates a Punk Photo Album that Alice found in Vancouver! Doot doo !
Medium e75720a97f6d78577b8b1a51753e5d970babb0c2
...Florida high school students are very angry over the school cropping over 80 students' yearbook photos indented to remove any visible cleavage.  Big companies and various states are offering more rewarding...
Medium 389cbe1923e435623743c1ddef0b1dafbec3a02d
Medium 5b397fcb95e759fc3232c0447573709b8fff2ce4
Robin Williams stars as a photo clerk obsessed with a family who he believes has the idyllic life he has always...
Medium 771b812a588b95ea331b80e56b0f7c493fce7451
Flux : MinuteEarth
...David Goldenberg, Julián Gómez, Sarah Berman  Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder:   Image Credits: All the photos of the savannah by the SnapshotSerengeti Projecthttps://snapshotserengeti.org Sogod Bay Whale Shark video by Miguel Hilariohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=husPSPJv80o...
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