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The Golem of Prague

...from clay. According to legend, a golem was created to defend the Jewish population of Prague during the reign of Rudolph II. Learn more about golems in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com....
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Flux : The Briefing
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On the final DSR Daily of the year, we cover the horrific mass shooting in Prague, a new executive order to impose greater sanctions on Russia, North Korea’s new nuclear reactor,...
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Rudolph II

BBC Radio 4
Flux : In Our Time
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the coterie of brilliant thinkers gathered in 16th century Prague by the melancholic emperor Rudolph II. In 1606 the Archdukes of Vienna declared: “His majesty...
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Flux : Live on KEXP
...Airwaves broadcast from Kex Hostel. Recorded 11/09/2019. How Do I Look Brothers Rats Child of Prague Gay Girls Liffey Watch the full Live on KEXP session on YouTube Support the show:...
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Lubos is a guitar builder with a fascinating story about leaving soviet controlled Prague for Vienna, eventually making his way to the United States. I come back from a...
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BBC Radio 4
Flux : In Our Time
...century, at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire. Under Charles IV, its cosmopolitan capital Prague became a cultural and intellectual centre, attracting scholars and artists from all over Europe. But...
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Based on the legends of Don Juan, Mozart and Da Ponte’s DON GIOVANNI premiered in Prague in 1787, and has been performed at opera houses the world over ever since. This...
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Flux : The Menu
...joined by Martin Barry, founder and CEO of Manifesto Market, a hospitality brand based in Prague. Plus, the week’s top food and drink headlines. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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...Doughty Koraki Live Down So Long Chaz De Paulo Bluestopia Everybody Falls In Love In Prague Janet Robin Everything Has Changed When I Get Back On My Feet Again Dutch Tilders...
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Episode 16: 15016 Mozart: Don Giovanni

Classical Music Discoveries
...the legends of Don Juan, a fictional libertine and seducer. It was premiered by the Prague Italian opera at the National Theater (of Bohemia), now called the Estates Theatre, on 29...
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Paget's Rival Lori and Arden head to Prague circa 2012 and watch the 2018 Bachelor Arie tongue kiss single mom Emily Maynard all...
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