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...are increasingly purchasing books in a digital format. But what is the role of a publisher in this changing industry? How does this differ from traditional publishing? What are the challenges...
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...the crowd, regardless of your industry.  In this episode, I invite Chandler Bolt, CEO of Self-Publishing School onto the show to discuss all things books, the benefits of writing them for...
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...writing Demon's Lair and gives his insights on how to get started as a self published role playing game designer.
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...of times, and have solidified her as an artist to watch. Molly recently signed a publishing deal with Imagem, and we talk about building an audience on Soundcloud, what a publishing...
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  Our guest tonight is Jeff Kline of Darby Pop Publishing We talked about the line of Darby Pop comics including the new Bruce Lee series approved...
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Flux : The Amp Hour
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...Scott Card and his friend Rusty Humphries talk about everything. In this episode, we review the publishing business, writing software and more. Find Orson Scott Card at www.hatrack.com and Rusty Humphries at...
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...sync licensing specialist, Pam represents artists, songwriters and premium vintage music catalogues along with music publishing companies globally. In this interview, Pam tells us about the difference between sync licensing and...
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Charlottesville, VA-based music publishing start-up, Salinger Songs, is pleased to announce an administration deal with Kobalt Music, one of...
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...droves, her advice on how to be in the business of writing and how to self-publish successfully. She is full of great information!
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Flux : The Amp Hour
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...why it's the missing piece in the goal setting process. And we dive into his self-publishing experience including why he sent someone to China for The Freedom Journal! He also walks...
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