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...a major attack on a key Houthi port. Plus: we discuss Donald Trump’s concession to Pyongyang, which is being celebrated by North Korean state media.
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Flux : Up First
...airspace. Joe Biden's recent comments draw heat from his 2020 presidential rivals. China's president visits Pyongyang to hold two days of talks with North Korea's leader.
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Former UK ambassador to North Korea John Everard on Pyongyang’s missile tests. Plus, Deutsche Welle’s Debarati Guha on the broadcaster’s new radio service for Afghanistan;...
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...Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump and ask what’s behind China’s call to ease sanctions on Pyongyang. Plus: the latest business headlines and a look at fashion in football ahead of the...
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Friday 27 July

Monocle 24
The UK’s former ambassador to North Korea, John Everard, explains Pyongyang’s relationship with Washington. We also look at the popularity of Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe,...
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Tuesday 15 May

Monocle 24
...of lasting peace in the Middle East and find out how leaders in Seoul and Pyongyang are attempting to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. Plus: Slovenia’s love of bees...
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Deja Vudu from Aug 7, 2017

People Like Us and WFMU
...Da Estação Do Brás Stock, Hausen & Walkman - "Spoons" - Organ Transplants 2 Radio Pyongyang - "Motherland Megamix" - Radio Pyongyang Commie Funk and Agit Pop from the Hermit Kingdom...
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...about the complex relationship among North Korea’s allies and adversaries, the impact of sanctions against Pyongyang, and the past and future role of the United States in addressing North Korean aggression....
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...episodes from now? (The end of the euro? War with Iran? A Trump casino in Pyongyang? President Nancy Pelosi?) We not only answer all your questions but we announce a whole...
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...all indicators were pointing in that direction following Kim Jong Un’s stealthy train trip from Pyongyang to Beijing this past week and the follow up announcement that meetings with Chinese leader...
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Thanksgiving with Celtic Music #285

Marc Gunn, The Beer Mats, Banna, New Shilling, New York Brogue, Pitch the Peat
...music from your podcast." Eric Atkinson wrote in the shownotes: "I’m working and living in Pyongyang, North Korea. I don’t get TV or radio and I have very limited internet access....
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Flux : Bombshell
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Kim Jong Un convoqué par la justice japonaise

podcast@radiofrance.com (Radio France)
...la Corée du Nord en Justice pour les avoir attiré dans les années 60 à Pyongyang en leur promettant une vie meilleure. Dans les faits, ils ont été retenus des décennies...
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...fin septembre un planeur hypersonique. Ce succès, s’il se confirmait, pointe Le Figaro, permettrait à Pyongyang de rejoindre le club très fermé des puissances testant ces nouveaux missiles capables de voler...
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Flux : Décryptage
...rétabli leur «téléphone rouge», une ligne téléphonique directe entre les deux pays, brusquement suspendue par Pyongyang durant l'été. Des responsables nord-coréens et sud-coréens ont participé ce matin (4 octobre 2021) à...
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