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Flux : Viewing Party
We wrap up Katie’s month-long birthday celebration with a favorite movie from her childhood: RocketMan, a space comedy HBO describes as a “zany slapstick farce." In this episode we compare...
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Episode 305: 'RocketMan' (1997) with Hal Lublin

shows@maximumfun.org (Hal Lublin, Ify Nwadiwe, Drea Clark, Marissa Flaxbart, Alonso Duralde)
Flux : Maximum Film!
...That's what's happening in this year's Listener Pick, chosen by our supporter, Robin. It's Disney's RocketMan, a live-action, slapstick farce starring Harland Williams as the smartest, dumbest astronaut  around. What’s Good...
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...here it is. A couple of weeks ago, we held a very special screening of Rocketman, the Elton John musical biopic, at Picturehouse Central in London. Why was it special? Well,...
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On this week's episode of the award-losing Empire Podcast, Chris Hewitt finds that Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher has the Dwight Stuff as they talk all things Elton John. Plus...
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Why Are the Movies So Obsessed With Pop Stars?

popcast@nytimes.com (NYTimes.com Podmaster)
Flux : Popcast
From “Rocketman” to “Her Smell,” “Blaze” to “Vox Lux,” the film industry seems to think all musicians...
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Janet Robin

LA Talk Radio
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Christmas Movie Preview with Nikki Novak

talkisjericho@gmail.com (Chris Jericho )
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#340 - Taron Egerton

Empire Magazine
...Taron. This time around, it's a much more intimate setting as he talks Robin Hood, Rocketman, and the future of Kingsman with Ben Travis. Then, in the podbooth, Chris Hewitt is...
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...and Cruisers: John Cafferty Joan Jett: Light of Day Purple Rain: Prince Prince: Batman Biopic: Rocketman Bohemian Rhapsody Walk Hard Ray
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