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ROS - #1 Video Teaser

deejay ros (ROS)
Bande Son By Deejay ROS www.deejayrospodcast.comRéalisation Graphique By Sarasun http://facebook.com/sarasun.independentartFor NEW ERA
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Author Ros Radley talks his new book “MAGIC – KISS Kronicles 1973 to 1983”, Ken and Ros...
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Bande Son By Deejay ROS  Réalisation Graphique By Deejay ROS   New Era  Barocco Club (Belgium)  Dj Giz Mo (Belgium) 
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Some good old hi-fi shenanigans featuring sound zooming across channels, and lots of cha-cha-cha!
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Flux : The Menu
Monocle’s Gaia Lutz sits down with renowned Slovenian chef Ana Ros in Lisbon. Also in the programme: Petri Burtsoff is in Finland to find out why...
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Will discusses new releases by Rogue Wave, Sigur Ros, and Majical Cloudz, plus 70's classic band Bread and 80's gloom rockers Lowlife.
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...big one! We rank our top 20 Bruce Kulick solos, and also are joined by Ros Radley to talk about his book, and we also have the highlights of stuff we...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
...“Princess” which looks at famous historical and fictional princesses and also to writer and journalist Ros Coward who’s co-authored a new book “Diana: Remembering the Princess” Award winning musician Sarah Class...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
...you miss the mental stimulation or daily structure or the socialising? Jessica Creighton speaks to Ros Whitehouse who, in her early 70’s, felt society was telling her to retire but within...
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Sirop Grenadine? #3

deejay ros (ROS)
Follow DJ Ros@deejay_ros facebook.com/deejay.ros
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Sirop Grenadine? #2

deejay ros (ROS)
Follow DJ Ros@deejay_ros facebook.com/deejay.ros
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Follow DJ Ros@deejay_ros facebook.com/deejay.ros Follow Broderskab  @broderskab broderskab.com facebook.com/broderskab twitter.com/wearebroderskab instagram.com/wearebroderskab open.spotify.com/user/broderskab youtube.com/channel/UCWFriGTp9UMdiyS-8sZVofA
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