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Author Ros Radley talks his new book “MAGIC – KISS Kronicles 1973 to 1983”, Ken and Ros...
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Some good old hi-fi shenanigans featuring sound zooming across channels, and lots of cha-cha-cha!
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...start out by talking about what we did over our summer break. Then we welcome Ros Radley to the show to talk about his book "Magic - KISS Chronicles 1973-1983". We...
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Will discusses new releases by Rogue Wave, Sigur Ros, and Majical Cloudz, plus 70's classic band Bread and 80's gloom rockers Lowlife.
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...big one! We rank our top 20 Bruce Kulick solos, and also are joined by Ros Radley to talk about his book, and we also have the highlights of stuff we...
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We welcome Ros Radley author of “MAGIC – KISS Kronicles 1973 to 1983” A 500 page book chronicling KISS’...
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...Tony Randall and Jack Klugman Make Like Shake - Shake Keane Whipped Cream - Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra Tie A Yellow Ribbon - Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra Dark Eyes...
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Best of 2019

Monocle 24
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...don t worry because we have the fabulous Anna Whitlow sitting in his place with ros
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...Neff (Coach of the famed Caddilac High school footaball team that brought KISS to Caddilac) • Ros Radley – who talks about the upcoming KISS book “MAGIC – KISS Kronicles 1973 to...
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...Edition 378. In this all requests edition we heard music by Van Der Graaf Generator, Frost*, Hawkwind, Yes, JPL, Traffic, Lifesigns, Thomas Giles, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Mellotronanism, Greenslade, Transatlantic, Sigur Ros, Duran...
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...we have for this episode will be from: Junior Murvin / Mickey Spice / Edmund Ros / Beres Hammond and more. Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension One In Ten-UB40 Why Must...
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