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Shonen Cast

Flux : PodJUST
Im ShonenCast geht's rund um's Thema Anime, Manga & Japan! Ein Podcast mit Marcel "Drawing Like a...
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This week Naoko Yamano of the legendary Japanese punk rock band Shonen Knife joins us.  Naoko talks about her thirty-plus years fronting Shonen Knife. We talk about how...
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...Thought: What are some of your favorite non-anime and manga things from 2018? Topics: Weekly Shonen Jump USA Goes Free, Hidive Teams with VRV, Funimation Teams with Hulu, TMS Starting 2...
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Shonen Knife Dizzy 3:45 Kung-Fu Girl All Summer Long 2:41 Paul Den Heyer Technicolor Summer Sunshine...
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...from Bristol, UK. In this 3rd special Christmas edition you'll hear interviews with: *NAOKO from SHONEN KNIFE (this section starts 14mins in) *ALLO DARLIN' (this section starts 36mins in) *BUCKY (this...
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...manga things from 2017? Topics: Top selling manga and light novels of 2017, Oh My Jump! ~Shonen Jump Saves the World~, A Certain Magical Virtual-On, Detective Conan Manga Goes on Hiatus for Creator's Medical Treatment.
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...see localized? Topics: Crunchyroll releasing anime based games, Fist of the North Star Kickstarter project, Shonen Jump exhibit, Revolutionary Girl Utena exhibit, Legend of the Galactic Heroes 35th anniversary projects.
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...annual International showcase. After a week off, we’re back with music from Ghoulshow, El Ray, Shonen Knife, Sr. Bikini and more. We stop by the Duty Free store to pick up...
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Episode 127: Kaiju A Go-Go

Nine Nine EightyOne
Flux : Six Foot Plus
...we celebrate with an episode packed to the brim with Monster Island goodness. Monsters like Shonen Knife, Peelander Z, King Dapper Combo and Monstermatt Patterson, with the Monstermatt Minute, and Kraig...
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1. Shonen Knife, Neon Zebra Bib, Hypnotized A.B.H., Wanna Riot Arndales, Dark Store The Bags, Max Roach...
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2 May 2005: The Hungry Cyclist

bikeshow@resonancefm.com (Resonance FM)
Flux : The Bike Show
...about his imminent bike ride around the American continent. Track list: Cycling Is Fun – Shonen Knife Ice Cream Man – Leslie Uggams Going Down The Road Feeling … Continue reading...
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Flux : TPF's Podcast
...not a single genre. However, there are many types of anime. The most popular include Shonen and Seinen as well as Shojo and Josei. These are the most popular anime genres...
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...the World Theatrical Release, Mamoru Hosoda Working on Next Film, Saint Seiya Hollywood Movie, Weekly Shonen Jump Numbers are Down, New Publisher Cross Infinite World, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure App.
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Flux : DoramasCap
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RadioXU #25

...BABES IN TOYLAND: House / / L7: Shove / / FUGAZI: Joe #1 / / SHONEN KNIFE: Bear Up Bison / / LOVE BATTERY: Mr. Soul / / POSTER CHILDREN: Pointed...
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