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MBMBaM 120: Shuddering Ectoplasm

shows@mbmbam.com (Justin McElroy)
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...Tobey Poser aka The Adams Family, about their newest horror film HELLBENDER, now streaming on Shudder! We talk about the family's punk rock origins, doing it yourself approaches and how art...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
...Adam McDonald , creator Aaron Martin and writer Ian Carpenter about this horror series on Shudder,
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Shudder as you listen to Si and Dave's disturbing Mungo Jerry impression Learn the TV secrets...
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The young stars of Shudder's The Boy Behind the Door, Lonnie Chavis and Ezra Dewey, stop by to talk about...
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...by to talk about their new film, The Boy Behind the Door, now airing on Shudder. Are there any "in peril"-style stories you'd like to see more of on television or...
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Noah joins Summer to talk about the horror-comedy anthology The Mortuary Collection, from Shudder/AMC, and we dive into what does and doesn't work with this movie (no spoilers). Do...
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Legend: ELO

Lava Lamp Lounge
...shocking identity of his greatest critic! Through concept albums, galactic tours, #1 guilty pleasures, and (shudder) disco, ELO remained worldwide superstars... all without a #1 single! Don't turn to stone.. tune...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Malady
...vibes of Nichelle Nichols dancing from Star Trek 5 in this episode as well. Scott shudders, barfs, and mutters, “Dear God, Why?!
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...and more in today's episode! Scare Package 2: Rad Chad's Revenge is out now on Shudder! http://www.shudder.com
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...as we attempt a relatively spoiler-free discussion of this UK import on Sundance Now and Shudder as of January 17, Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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...The Nickelodeon Story documentaries. Scott Barber joins us this week just in time for the SHUDDER premier of THIS IS GWAR, a documentary on the infamous heavy metal sci-fi monster band...
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...gate when the alarm sounded. A small army of bristling weapons encircled her. The bag shuddered in her grip, panic rippling through its weave. She gripped it tighter, reassuring it. It’s...
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...of this miraculous new body; it is draped across the bones like a weight. You shudder, stretching your delicate female limbs beneath the unfamiliar, sun-drenched sheets. Female for a day, you...
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