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HAWK TALK – Sitcoms

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
...entirely off-topic episode. This time, Jay and Tina Carleton of Welcome to Television talked about sitcoms!
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My Life as a Sitcom

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
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Driverless cars, sitcom house plans

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Frances Anderton)
...the future? Plus, an artist draws plans of the imaginary homes of his favorite TV sitcoms.
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The Best Black Sitcoms – Laser Time #368

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
Flux : Laser Time
In honor of Black History month, we’re celebrating the very finest Black Sitcoms in all of history. It’s not like they got an early start, so the odds...
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Laser Time #301 – Scary Sitcom Halloween Episodes

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
Flux : Laser Time
The Simpsons isn’t the only show that rejects canon for Halloween! We round up sitcoms that went weird for ‘ween, including Roseanne, Punky Brewster, Fresh Prince, and more! DOWNLOAD iTunes ...
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OV013 - Sitcoms 2, Pain and Gain, Kick-Ass 2

OV013 - Sitcoms 2, Pain and Gain, Kick-Ass 2
Questions are answered and secrets are revealed as the guys return to the topic of sitcoms for the long awaited sequel to episode 8. Later, Matt shares his thoughts on indie drama...
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OV008 - Discussing Sitcoms, The To Do List & Contest Results

OV008 - Discussing Sitcoms, The To Do List & Contest Results
“Timestamps: Skip intro – 2:30;  Contest Winner – 12:54;  Sitcoms – 17:50;  Looking Forward To – 1:19:38 This week Matt & Tiny (along with returning...
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Flux : The Business
...religion. He tells us why he loves the multi-cam set-up and what other modern day sitcoms are missing.
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OV128 - Favorite Sitcom Moments, Comet, DamNation, and We Are Your Friends

The Obsessive Viewer - Weekly Movie/TV Review & Discussion Podcast
...Shocktober in Irvington Announcement - 1:07:34 Pre-Recorded Outro - 1:09:50 Show Notes OV8 - Discussing Sitcoms & OV13 - Sitcoms 2 OV46 - HIMYM Series Finale OV67 - Bottle Episodes OV88...
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Flux : Bigmouth
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Flux : The Business
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