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Ep391: Kid Congo Powers - The Cramps, The Gun Club & more

Nate Goyer, Record Collector, Music Fan, Vinyl Maniac
Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps, The Gun Club , Nic Cave & the Badseeds) talks about his record collection, as well as the...
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...from his home in Tucson, and ask him to talk about his former lives in the Gun Club , the Cramps and the Bad Seeds — as detailed in the riveting new memoir...
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Flux : Meltingpod
Kid Congo Powers an American/Mexican artist who co-founded the Gun Club in 1979 in Los Angeles with Jeffrey Lee Pierce, played with the Cramps and Nick...
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RadioXU #14

...THREE O'CLOCK: As Real As Real / / THE THREE O'CLOCK: Jet Fighter / / THE GUN CLUB : Sex Beat / / THE GUN CLUB: Stranger In Our Town / / TRUE...
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The Casbah 11/12/16

Brian Parrish
Flux : The Casbah
...Paul Revere & The Raiders - Doggone The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing The Gun Club - Carry Home The Gun Club - Preaching The Blues Chuck Berry - Little Queenie...
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The Casbah 7/23/16

Brian Parrish
Flux : The Casbah
...Awake Hyperbubble - Black Raspberry The Beach Boys - Caroline No The Brainwashers - Bombora The Gun Club - Goodbye Johnny Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk The Happenings - See You In September...
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...Railroad Jerk - Objectify Me Translator - Favorite Drug The Cramps - Sunglasses After Dark The Gun Club - Fire Spirit The Lords Of The New Church - Li'l Boys Play With Dolls...
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...Carver Airiel feat. Stella Tran - Firefly Cuffed Up - Canaries Hether - Sticky Thumb The Gun Club - Preaching The Blues Stereolab - Op Hop Detonation All Them Witches - Alabaster Visit...
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The Ledge #570: Holiday Playlist

paulisded@yahoo.com (theledge)
...up the guitar, and withn a few years he was a part of not only the Gun Club but The Cramps and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds!  Other sets include a handful...
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Agony Aunt Studios
...Heart Of Glass Magazine – The Light Pours Out of Me Joy Division – Warsaw The Gun Club – Sex Beat The Cure – Disintegration Peter Murphy – Deep Ocean Vast Sea David...
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