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092 - THRASH

Rock and/or Roll
...Metallica episodes BJ is once again joined by Fistful of Dave for a discussion of Thrash Metal in general and a bunch of cool, obscure thrash tunes are included.
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Axeology Guitar Radio
...since we weren't able to record a normal episode. So enjoy tuning into W-AXE the THRASH! for some thrash metal goodness.
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...this solo episode, I examine some bands who were instrumental in developing what would become Thrash, and other genres of metal. I hope you enjoy it.
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Episode 53 - Crossover Thrash

A Fistful of Faceful
...we'd jump right into the deep end of the pool and listen to some crossover thrash bands; a synthesis of hardcore punk and thrash metal.
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TMS#20 Chemicaust (Thrash) DTX

Texas Metal Show Podcast
TMS# 20 features Chemicaust a thrash band from the Dallas. We also had Irving from Imperial Mind Engineering on this interview...
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Flux : Talking Metal
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...Brit, into head banging metal worshipper. With Doom and Stoner down, we move on to Thrash: an amalgam of Punk and New Wave of British Heavy Metal. But before we tackle...
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TMS# 9 The Scourge (Thrash) HTX

Texas Metal Show Podcast
TMS talks to Houston Thrash metalers The Scourge about Kate Bush, amphibians, ferris wheels, Iced Earth, and a myriad of...
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Xmas Thrash Metal Special part 2
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Xmas Thrash Metal Special part 1
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...LostMessiah garbles and gaffes his way through CACOPHONY - the Metal Show! The Haunted [Sweden] [Thrash] - Strength In Numbers [2017] Thrash by Numbers Playlist New...
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