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AyePodcast 65 - Scottish Music Podcast

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
...at the weekend. Our next selection is a golden oldie from The Lochies and their Tir Aluinn LP/CD which is followed by the Willie Hunter Sessions. We finish up this podcast...
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...The Best Of 09 - Daffodil Mulligan – Lynched – Cold Old Fire  10 - Tir na n-Og - Seamus Begley and Jim Murray - Eiri Go La 11 - The...
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Celtic Roots Radio 63 – Roast potatoes, chips 'n' mash!

Raymond McCullough: Precious Oil Productions Ltd
...Lori Willcuts  (Oregon, USA) – ‘You Stole My Heart’ (One More Step)   Raymond McCullough (Northern Ireland, UK) – ‘Ar tir seo aguinne (Our Land)' (Single)   Jakob Freely (Ohio, USA) – ‘Radio’ (The Elliot EP)   Zonk Ha Stronk (Rennes,...
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#19-24: It Takes Two, Pt.1

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
...& Tatiana Hargreaves / Free Dirt Brian O Headra & Fiona MacKenzie / “Maria” / Tir / Anam Lena Willemark & Ale Moller / “Batsman-Turklaten” / Nordan / ECM Kevin Burke...
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Rencontre autour du sport : Eric Pereira, archer

webmaster@radiocampustours.com (Radio Campus Tours - 99.5 FM)
...interview de la saison pour Sortez, Étienne est allé interviewer Eric Pereira au club de tir à l’arc de Saint-Avertin. Archer licencié dans ce club, il a participé aux derniers Jeux...
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Celtic Roots Radio 22 - 'Cuchullain, the 'Hound of Ulster''

Raymond McCullough: Precious Oil Productions Ltd
...Island, Canada) - 'Eppie Morrie', (Hours Before Dawn)    Raymond McCullough, (Northern Ireland, UK) -  'Ar tir seo aguinne (Our Land)', (The great China Bike Ride)    Allison Barber, (New York, USA)...
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...la camisole de force, la cellule capitonnée et un fusil à buffles ( pour le tir de seringues/fléchettes hypodermiques), et on ne peut les blâmer, les braves gens… Concluons ainsi: si...
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...Tara, Queen Maeve’s Dance” by Tara Hillfrom Hot Asphalt “Cutting Brachen” by Culbeagfrom The Red Fox “Oro Tir na nOg” by Des Wadefrom The Book of My Days “Colonel Fraser’s Reel” by Steve Hawsonfrom No Distance /...
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...Ethne Riders of the Sidhe Hazels of Buan Tara Ulaid Finn Fianna Ciabhan Dun Sobairce Tir Tairngaire Loch Luchra Men of Dea Gebann Cliodna Teite's Strand Teite Brec Iuchnu Connla of...
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Arbor Day #356

Marc Gunn, Anne Roos, Crepuscule, Bad Haggis, Hair of the Dog, Bedlam, Giant's Dance
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Everything's Alright #468

Marc Gunn, Avourneen, Kinnfolk, Kalos, We Banjo 3, Ciunas, The Irish Rovers, Battlelegs, Songs for Ceilidh, Hot Griselda
...Nord / Fahy's / Exmoor" by Hot Griselda from Sunbox 54:17 - CLOSING 55:50 - "Tir Nan Og" by Seumas Gagne from Baile Ard The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was...
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